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Super Scandal? Details on Why Kangin Left Super Junior



Why did Kangin officially leave the K-Pop mega group Super Junior? Looks like two highly publicized scandals contributed to his decision. The singer had been on a break from the group for the past two years, and now his separation from SJ has become official. 

He's been silent on social media, until just recently.

He posted an image of his fingers making a heart underneath the moon. It looks like one of those reflective, super deep, in-my-feelings type of Instagram posts. As for the caption, it was just a shy monkey face emoji. 

The last post he made was on May 19th, 2016, when he announced that he'd be taking over Park Jungah's radio show when she went on her honeymoon.

While there's been a lot of press surrounding Kangin's scandals, it appears as though some fans are happy to have him back in the public eye, with many hoping that there will be some announcements as to future career moves. Not that he really needs to earn a paycheck.

There has been talk surrounding the entertainer appearing on TV shows, too. The YouTube channel EDGE Drama released a trailer for the show, What Happened To Mirae?

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Kangin has been involved in a few scandals.

The pop singer came under scrutiny in 2016 when he was slapped with his second DUI. Then, a year later in 2017, he allegedly physically assaulted his girlfriend at a bar. The police were called and she ultimately did not press charges against the singer. 

Kangin has his devoted fan base, but there are those who still aren't happy with the fact that he's able to get high-profile entertainment work despite his repeat DUIs, not to mention the fact that he hit his girlfriend in public.

The divide spilled over onto social media, with Super Junior fans hurt by the news. Kangin spoke about his departure from the band. He had nothing but kind words for both his fans, the group, and the record label that represented him and his former co-performers: "I want to sincerely say thank you to my members and my label’s staff for respecting me until the end. I will cheer for the success of #SuperJunior forever. Thank you."

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Super Junior's record sales reached some impressive numbers and the group has released 9 albums since they were first formed, many which charted at No. 1 in Korea. Much like many other K-Pop groups, SJ has a rabidly dedicated fanbase, but their success isn't just restricted to Korean fans. Their album, Mamacita charted at No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 15 Heat charts, which is no small accomplishment.

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There are many who feel that Kangin's contributions to Super Junior aren't enough to erase his recent controversies. The hullabaloo surrounding his decision to be cast in Mirae prompted a response from Label SJ, his management group. They clarified that this was the only show that Kangin was involved in for the time being.

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The label's statement reads: "There isn’t anything else official scheduled for Kangin at the moment. Super Junior’s next album is planned to be produced some time in the second half of this year, but the exact time frame or the members to be included has not been decided yet."

What do you think will happen with Kangin's career? Is there redemption for the singer? Chris Brown was caught doing some pretty heinous things and it doesn't seem like it's hurt his ability to keep making that music money.

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