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Source: Instagram

Nick Diaz's Disenchantment With MMA Prize Fighting Is Why He Longer Scraps Professionally


For two bad brothers who glorify the #ScrapLife, Nate and Nick Diaz take a lot of time off of fighting. But when they do come back for a bout, their PPVs absolutely kill. They're like the Usher of the fight game — sure they'll be off doing their own thing for a few years, but when they return, they're back with a vengeance, unlike some pro fighters.

The big question on everyone's minds after Nate teased (then rescinded) retirement is:

Why did Nick Diaz stop fighting?

The Diaz brothers are an interesting duo that embody a #NoBS, "real fighter's" attitude. They're professional stoners from Stockton, Calif. who came up hard and are never looking for an easy way out in a fight. Their styles made them fan favorites: they'd much rather stand and throw hands with their opponents and implement a deceptively effective, volume punching, slap boxing style of languid strikes that catch martial artists off guard.