Izi Prime Slapped Jack Doherty on a Recent Livestream

Jack Doherty got slapped by Izi Prime on a recent livestream, leading many to wonder why Jack got slapped, and why it's not the first time.


Sep. 19 2023, Published 10:18 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Streamer Jack Doherty has been slapped by two different people over the past month on different livestreams.
  • The context for these smacks can be difficult to discern, but it's clear that Jack has developed a reputation for being a fairly annoying streamer with a habit of cussing people out.
  • The police were eventually called to Jack's house after Izi Prime slapped him, and Izi was escorted off the property.
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Some people are just really hittable, and it seems that label may apply to YouTuber Jack Doherty. In the past month, Jack has been hit twice on various livestreams. Most recently, Jack got slapped in the face by Izi Prime during an in person livestream at Jack's house.

Following the incident, which went viral in the aftermath of its release, many wanted to know more about why Jack had been slapped, and what he may have done to prompt it. On top of that, some wanted to learn more about the last time Jack got slapped by a different streamer, which happened in late August.

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Why did Izi Prime slap Jack Doherty?

The exact circumstances that led to Jack getting slapped are unclear, but what many commenters agree on is that Jack has long been viewed by some as "annoying," which may explain why he seems to be getting smacked with such frequency.

It's also possible that the incident was at least partially staged for the benefit of the cameras that were filming at the time.

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After the slap, another streamer who was at Jack's house apparently called the police, and the police arrived while cameras were still rolling. No other violence occurred during the stream, but there was plenty of yelling as Izi was eventually removed from the property.

Perhaps the best explanation for why Jack got smacked came from a user on Twitter, though, who explained that "he always yelling and cussing out people."

In fact, many online were amused by the news that Jack had been slapped during a livestream in part because Jack had gotten smacked on another livestream just a few weeks earlier. In August, Jack was slapped by Kick and Twitch streamer Yousef "Fousey" after Jack doused Yousef with water during an argument. The smack went viral, and many online were entertained by it in large part because of Jack's reputation within the streaming community.

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Source: Twitter/@FearedBuck

Kick is developing a somewhat violent reputation.

Between these two incidents, which were both streamed on Kick, and several other recent livestreams on the service, the platform is developing a reputation as a place where streams can get violent. Kick has previously been criticized for its almost completely lack of censorship, and now, it seems to be developing a reputation as a place where streamers can go if they want to get in fights with one another.

Many online may think that Jack's behavior warrants a smack, but that doesn't mean we should celebrate the kind of violence that these streams sometimes devolve into. When watching them, it becomes fairly easy to wonder whether the violence would even happen at all if nobody was filming.

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