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Rachel Hargrove Quit 'Below Deck' in the Most Wildest Way Possible [SPOILERS]

Rachel Hargrove quit 'Below Deck' last night, and the scene was not pretty. Here's the real reason why Rachel quit 'Below Deck' and how she's been reacting to fans since.

Gina Vaynshteyn - Author

Dec. 15 2020, Updated 9:52 p.m. ET

Last night's episode of Below Deck was a bit of an explosive one: Yacht chef Rachel Hargrove straight up quit. And while fans see where she's coming from, most people also think that quitting like that was a wild move, and at the very least, very unprofessional. While a lot of stuff was going on with Rachel this season (she was missing her boyfriend a lot, and she also did get accidentally gassed by a crew member), it was one event that drove her over the edge.

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Why did Rachel leave 'Below Deck'?

Rachel left Below Deck because of a particularly needy guest and their preference sheet, which was admittedly very over-the-top. The charter guest, Bryan Guarnieri, wanted the best and finest service, and the requests drove Rachel to literally say "Eat my cooter." Rachel claimed she would only do all of this for Bryan if she were a private chef getting paid $16,000 a month. “Until then, I don’t play that game. So no," she said. When asked to elaborate to Captain Lee, she then said, "I’m sorry, but the ostentatious bullsh*t, and then they f*****ng tack that onto one chef. Suck my d*ck.” Some do think Rachel's real motivation to leave was to be with her boyfriend.

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Here's just part of the preference sheet:

"Turndown service should also include something by the bedside table from the Chef, Bryan loves amuse bouche and also needs them while changing for dinner too.
Primary Bryan has requested white glove service for all dinners. Gentleman servers should be wearing bowties and may be shirtless.
On Night 1 of their charter, this group would like a Mardi Gras-themed dinner party, complete with authentic New Orleans cuisine.
After dinner on Night 1, Bryan and his guests want the yacht crew to throw a ‘Midnight Romper’ party for them with copious amounts of 'appetizers and finger foods and munchies and crunchies.'
On Day 2 of their charter, Bryan has requested an extremely formal English high tea at 4pm, fit for royalty. Do NOT go easy on the decor for this one. He wants fruit dipped in chocolate, like fresh figs and strawberries decorated in black and white tuxedo chocolate outfits."
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As intense as the requests were, fans have expressed how dramatic Rachel's response was. And to tell Captain Lee to "go f*** himself"? That was uncalled for.

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"Okay, I get it. That preference sheet is wild but Rachel! Girl, you took it to a whole other level," someone tweeted.

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We're not the only ones reading the comments. Rachel took to Instagram after many fans called her out for her potty language. "Please understand if you type and send this too [sic] me.... I am also 2 clicks away from booking a flight on orbits and an uber... so please help me save my money with not having to pay for bail as I come to kick a Karens/ keyboard warriors [sic] ass," she wrote on Instagram after sharing a DM (and the user's handle!) she got from a Below Deck fan who was appalled by her behavior.

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"I want everyone to respond to her just like she did me," she wrote in a caption of another screengrab from an Instagram user who messaged her about how she handled her Below Deck exit. Yikes.

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While some are shocked by her behavior, others are clapping their hands and lauding her for not taking BS from people. "Lol Rachel not knowing she's about to get her wish and not work for 9 months at least she knows her worth!" one person tweeted. Interestingly enough, it looks like Rachel is also calling out Bravo for not pausing production due to COVID-19 soon enough in a Facebook post. 

The next episode of Below Deck airs next Monday at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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