Influencers Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart Called It Quits, Fans Are Shocked


May 19 2023, Published 10:08 a.m. ET

The news that Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart have broken up spread rapidly on the internet, leading many to want to learn more about the breakup. Sam and Katrina, who are both prominent influencers, had been dating for years, and their breakup was a shock to many fans who had supported their relationship during that time.

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Thankfully, Sam and Katrina posted a video explaining their breakup that fans could watch and analyze, and plenty of them definitely already have. So, why did Sam and Katrina break up? Here's what we know.

Why did Sam and Katrina break up?

Sam and Katrina filmed the video together, and seemed to make it clear from the start that even though they have broken up, they definitely don't hate each other.

"We don't hate each other, nothing went wrong," Sam explains in the video. "There was not like a fist fight, and she didn't attack me in my sleep or anything."

Sam adds that he thought they had "an awesome relationship," and Katrina says they were "the best ever."

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Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart looking at each other.
Source: YouTube

Then, Sam and Katrina both get a little misty as Sam dives into the reason they broke up. He explains that the two of them moved in together last year and were having regular conversations about taking their relationship to the next stage. Recently, Sam realized that he wasn't on the same page as Katrina and wasn't ready to move to that next stage.

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Sam decided to end the relationship because he 'wasn't ready.'

"I wasn't ready, so I decided it'd be better if we separated, split ways, because I wasn't ready," Sam said. He said he didn't want to waste anybody's time or hold her back.

Sam then added that the breakup was hard, and it would likely be hard for their fans to hear as well. Katrina said that this wasn't an ongoing problem, and the two of them almost never fought.

Katrina said that they were "always on the same page," but that it became a challenge when it actually came time to take that next step.

"We want to cherish the memories," Sam said. "We want you guys to be happy that it happened, rather than sad that it ended."

Katrina also said that the breakup happened almost two months ago, and she had since moved back to Los Angeles for some distance.

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Sam also asked that fans not engage in rumors or try to take sides in their breakup. Katrina asked fans not to ruin how good their relationship had been by doing that kind of thing. "We don't want to see each other getting torn down or anything," Katrina said.

Sam added that he would always love Katrina, and suspected she was going to go on to great things.

The video seems to suggest that, although the breakup was hard, Sam and Katrina are still very much on good terms with one another. Fans were supportive of the couple in the comments, even as many admitted that the break up made them sad. Change is hard, even if it may ultimately be for the best.

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