Laura Clery Recently Announced That She Was Getting a Divorce From Stephen Hilton

Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton are getting a divorce, and many want to know what made the couple decide to call it quits after years together.


Jun. 23 2023, Published 11:23 a.m. ET

News recently broke that Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton were getting divorced, and now, fans are scrambling to learn more about what happened to the couple. Laura and Stephen have been married for a decade, and the two are well-known in part because of their frequent collaborations on social media content.

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Now that we know they're breaking up, many want to better understand the reasons for the divorce, and whether there were any signs of tumult in their relationship.

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Why did Stephen Hilton and Laura Clery break up?

After initially insisting that they were not separating, Laura recently launched podcast series called Idiot in which she dove into the issues in her marriage. Laura said that Stephen had refused to make some necessary changes to his lifestyle, which included curbing his drug use, which was having an impact on their mental health and on the wellbeing of the two children they raise together.

Their relationship was deteriorating anyway, and Stephen's drug use only made matters worse, ultimately leading to the end of their marriage. Laura hinted at this strain throughout her videos, suggesting that she was handling Stephen more like a business partner and setting up clearly defined boundaries that felt almost like a precursor to their eventual divorce.

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Laura and Stephen discussed their breakup in a YouTube video.

In a YouTube video which was also posted as a podcast episode on the Idiot feed. In the 45-minute discussion, they talk through their divorce. In the opening minutes, they discuss their political differences, and the fact that Stephen's recent content has taken on some hard right positions. Generally, though, Laura says that she is not his mother, and is not responsible for whatever he posts, regardless of her own feelings.

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"We're co-parents and we're friends, and that's how I want to keep it," Laura says during their conversation, explaining that she has not been watching his content in part because she doesn't want to know his views on political issues. Stephen's content, which has a hard right viewpoint and expresses severe views of the Biden family and of trans people, is certainly controversial, but Stephen says during the interview that it was not the primary reason for their split.

Source: YouTube
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The pair has clearly grown apart from one another, and they make that evident throughout the video, discussing times when they were not hanging out together even though they could have been. What's clear, though, is that both Stephen and Laura have taken time away from one another and have returned to their relationship from a place of mutual respect.

Fans clearly approved of the decision, as hard as it might.

"I'm so proud of you and your decision. My parents waited way too long to divorce," one commenter wrote. "When they finally did everything is so much better. I was an adult and my siblings are minors. Kids are happier. Your ability to find happiness, joy, and humour during this has been an inspiration. You are glowing, Laura and I'm so sorry it's been such a rough journey these last few years. I can't wait to see you soar! I hope co-parenting continues to go well!"

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