Users Are Discovering That Everyone They Followed on TikTok Has Been Unfollowed


May 13 2021, Published 9:35 a.m. ET

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On a platform like TikTok, users can spend hours or even days cultivating the perfect feed by following and unfollowing other users. In recent days, though, some users have woken up to discover that all of the people they've followed have been automatically unfollowed, and they are now following 0 accounts on the platform. Understandably, many are wondering why this happened. 

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Why did TikTok unfollow everyone?

TikTok has yet to release any official statement explaining why some users' accounts are showing that they follow nobody. For now, though, it seems like most users who face this issue find that it eventually resolves itself, and their account is returned to normal. 

Many Reddit users have documented the issue and are making it clear that this is an issue affecting quite a few users on the platform. 

why did tiktok unfollow everyone
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In addition to issues with the number of people your account says your following, there are also some users who are having an issue seeing their full notification history. Although the most recent notifications are still available, the full history has at least temporarily vanished. For the time being, though, it seems that the drastic decrease in the number of people a person is following is a glitch, and not something TikTok intended to do. 

Some users are also doing fake follower audits.

In addition to the glitch that leads some users to be following no accounts, there are also some users who have taken it upon themselves to audit accounts and determine whether a user's followers are real or just bots. Some users who want to be big on the platform do so by buying fake followers, even as others work hard to gain an organic following. 

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To audit an account for fake followers, you need to head to Hype Auditor, a site that is built to audit accounts for fake followers. Once there, you'll need to give them your email in order to create a free account. After you've authenticated your account, you can type in the username of the account you want to audit and wait for the report to be generated. Then you can see approximately how many fake followers the account has. 

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These audits work not just on TikTok, but also on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to this tool, users can now determine whether an account is being followed because it's generating good content, or because the user behind the account has a desire to artificially inflate their follower count in order to attract actual people as followers. 

Fake followers are a problem that all social media platforms deal with. Each one of them does work to ensure that bots are not a major problem, but it can be difficult to eliminate them altogether. 

The glitch that led many users to discover that they weren't following anyone is a problem that seems to be specific to TikTok. Although it's one that seems to eventually resolve itself, it's undoubtedly annoying for users who see that the accounts they followed have disappeared. 

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