What's the Cucumber Craze on TikTok? People Are Obsessed With Livestreams

Some users are holding cucumbers while going live on TikTok and many people are wondering why. We've got all the details on the latest wacky trend.

Olivia Hebert - Author

Jul. 18 2023, Published 8:40 a.m. ET

Why are some TikTok users going live while holding cucumbers? The wacky trend was started by TikTok user @Faystar who began to go live everyday while holding a cucumber. Although some users have copied the trend, the popularity is mainly due to peoples' curiosity.

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Is the holding a cucumber on live a gimmick or is there rhyme and reason to this absurdity? The trend has taken off like wildfire.

Find out more about the online trend and how it started below.

Who started the cucumber trend on Tik Tok?

TikTok user @Faystar has been livestreaming on TikTok lately with a prop –– a cucumber.

It's unknown when she started the trend but many users have taken notice and are reasonably perplexed.

One user said, "I thought I had seen it all on TikTok until I saw this woman hold cucumber[s] in her live videos."

Faystar's livestreams have gradually grown in popularity primarily because people are simply curious and others have their minds in the gutter.

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Some believe Faystar's content is meant to be a phallic sexual innuendo and some viewers have commented on her lives demanding that she "suck" on the cucumber. But for the entirety of the lives, Faystar is simply saving the cucumber for a snack and encouraging viewers to keep giving her gifts in order to reach a certain threshold.

Unfortunately, the comment sections of her live streams have drawn some of the internet's most depraved perverts and weirdos.

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Has Faystar started a trend?

Other women who have taken to TikTok and held a cucumber for the sake of views, including @dreamthegoddess. For the most part, people aren't really jumping on this wave. Instead, what's trendy is making videos speculating and criticizing Faystar and her copycats.

Many like @torigrier12 have theorized that Faystar has been posing with a "humongous cucumber that looks like they've slobbed on it" for clickbait. Users are waiting around on livestreams on the off chance that the women will imbibe the cucumber. In contrast, other users send the live streamers virtual gifts of money, which leads these women to be able to profit off of the internet's weirdos.

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Other Tik Tok users commended the women's savviness. Under Tori's video, TikTok user @lux.ryry commented, "easier than going to work [at this point]."

Say what you will about the odd live streams, but the gimmick has led to an uptick in views for Faystar.

Another TikTok user @vxcyaa1 observed, "I watched her for like 10 [minutes] everyone was saying suck and before she had 200K now 2M likes and 44K viewers."

Whether or not the cucumber holding trend really takes off on TikTok, it's garnering curiosity and pageviews for certain users right now. TikTok and most social media is like a wave, you've got to ride it while it's there. Faystar is certainly doing that. You just never know what's going to catch on and become a trend on TikTok. Trends definitely come and go on a regular basis.

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