Beavo From TikTok Doesn't Chew His Food — Experts Warn Against His Eating Method

Melissa Willets - Author

Dec. 20 2023, Published 12:45 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Brandon Beavis creates content on TikTok using the name Beavo. He is best known for not chewing his food.
  • You can follow Beavo as he doesn't chew meals — even pizza and potatoes.
  • Experts caution against skipping the essential step in eating: chewing.
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A guy called Beavo has gained well over 700,000 followers on TikTok for not doing something most of us do without thinking about it: chewing food. Beavo is known for not chewing his food, but is this eating method a good idea?

The English social media star even oddly claims, "You don't need to chew your food."

So what's the deal with Beavo? Why doesn't he chew his food? Read on for the details.

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So, why does Beavo not chew his food?

Beavo has become a TikTok celebrity for filming himself eating food, without chewing very much or at all. To be fair, it's not as if he swallows his meals whole. But he's doing the least amount of chewing possible per bite.

Indeed, "No chew needed!" he informs his audience in one share as he inhales a plate of chicken with rice and sauce.

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It seems "no chew needed" is the mantra Beavo lives by. His TikTok is populated by videos that feature him eating a range of mostly junk food, like pizza topped with chips (aka French fries), and typical British food such as beef, potatoes, and peas, all with minimal chewing.

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You do actually have to chew your food, according to experts.

As the University of Utah dietician Staci McIntosh told the New York Post chewing is, well, kind of important, no matter how you do it. “Whether you do that by taking longer to chew your food or if you take longer just in between bites, it’s not going to make that much of a difference,” she admitted.

“I would certainly recommend that people chew their food appropriately, but counting the number of times you chew your food is a little obsessive," she added.

Look no further than Beavo for proof that chewing isn't in fact optional. In at least one of his videos, TikTokers expressed concern in the comments that his eating habits actually seem dangerous.

"Almost lost Beavo on that second bite," one person said. "Looked like we almost lost Beavo to a carrot," another commenter observed.

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"He makes eating look like it hurts," yet another commenter pointed out during the course of the hard-to-watch snack session.

Meanwhile, on another video, a commenter felt the need to say, "Beavo, God gave you teeth for a reason."

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Finally, one follower joked that his favorite moment watching Beavo eat is his soul-less stare when he knows he is about to choke.

The bottom line here: Beavo may be skipping an essential part of eating to gain TikTok followers. But not chewing your food is very much not recommended.

The last thing we need is for this to turn into a new, dangerous, and ill-advised TikTok challenge!

So, if you want to see what it would be like not to chew food, just follow Beavo, and leave it at that.

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