Chris Harrison Is Wearing a Ring... Did He and Lauren Zima Secretly Get Married?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Mar. 8 2021, Published 4:54 p.m. ET

Chris Harrison
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Fans of The Bachelor will look into every detail to find out what’s really going on, and Chris Harrison is no exception. Chris has been seen multiple times wearing what appears to be a wedding ring, except that it’s on his right hand. As far as we know, Chris is divorced and currently dating Lauren Zima of Entertainment Tonight. Does this mean they’ve tied the knot, or is there some other hidden meaning to Chris Harrison’s right-hand ring?

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It doesn’t look like the two secretly got married, but in pandemic-times, nothing is certain. However, we can say for certain that Lauren Zima is not wearing a ring, so it does appear that a secret marriage is off the table. There are a few other theories that do a bit of a better job explaining why Chris Harrison wears a ring on his right hand.

chris harrison
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Chris Harrison most likely wears a ring on his right hand to promote his new brand.

Since quarantine began, Chris Harrison started his own line of wedding bands for men. He shared to Insider, "Guys are really into the romance and the ring and the wedding just as much. We want it to fit us just as much as the ladies do, so it's time for the guys to get their do." Chris started with 24 ring designs and is really excited to get this brand off the ground.

Not only that, but Chris also started it with the intent for a Bachelorette to one day propose to her chosen man. He continued, "I'd love that one day, if a girl pulled out one of my rings and said, 'You know what? I'm going to propose."' Who knew a wedding ring company for men could be so feminist?

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Source: Instagram

It therefore seems likely that Chris wears a ring on his right hand to promote his new company, Manly Bands. A ring on his left hand would surely mean marriage, but since it’s his right, he leaves us to speculate, which leads to more talk about Manly Bands. He even hopes that his rings will become somewhat of a fashion statement for men and that men can wear different ones for different moods, so it would make a lot of sense for Chris to wear one of his own rings as a statement.

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Some Reddit users have other theories about why Chris Harrison wears a ring on his right hand.

Although promoting Manly Bands seems the most likely reason Chris Harrison is wearing a ring on his right hand, that doesn’t mean we can’t theorize about why else he may be wearing it. One Reddit user commented on a thread asking about Chris Harrison’s ring, “The Dark Lord wears his engagement ring on his right hand like a proper southern belle.” It is true that in many cultures, people wear wedding rings on their right hand, although that’s not traditional in the United States, especially for men.

Source: Instagram
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Another Reddit theory is that Chris Harrison is actually wearing a Covid / health tracker ring that many pro golfers use. This is called the Oura Ring. It can track your steps throughout the day, kind of like a FitBit, but the ring goes even further. It uses your pulse and temperature to detect your sleep quality and overall health. It’s not out of the question that Chris Harrison could use one of these rings, although the ring Chris wears does look a bit more designed than the Oura Ring.

Regardless of the true reason that Chris Harrison wears a ring on his right hand, at least we can be certain that Bachelor Nation will never run out of mysteries.

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