TikTok Users Keep Seeing the Same Videos — How to Fix the Issue

If TikTok users keep seeing the same videos, they should try clearing their cache and updating the app.


May 22 2024, Published 10:59 a.m. ET

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One of the main joys of TikTok, and the reason that the app is so addictive, is that it's constantly giving users new videos to engage with. If you find yourself bewitched by the app, though, you might be annoyed when you start seeing the same videos over and over again.

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This is a problem that users have been facing on TikTok for years, and many want to know whether there's a way to fix it. Here's what we know about why some people see the same videos over and over again, and whether there's a way to solve the problem.

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Why does TikTok keep showing me the same videos?

If you've noticed that you aren't actually seeing new videos when you scroll through TikTok, you aren't alone. Many TikTok users have had this problem at some point. While some users just waited for the issue to go away, others wanted to know if there was a reason it was happening.

While this explanation isn't foolproof, it seems that many people find that their TikTok app is in a "cache loop" that is keeping it from refreshing and bringing in new media.

If you go to "Settings and Privacy" in the app and scroll down to "Free up space," you'll find a Cache section that gives you the option to clear your cache. Doing so should allow new videos to start populating in your app, and keep it from showing you the same videos repeatedly.

This didn't solve every user's problems, but others found that updating their apps or simply waiting it out eventually got them to new videos.

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TikTok users are annoyed that they keep seeing the same videos.

While there's certainly a time and place for revisiting your favorite videos, many TikTok users have found seeing the same videos over and over again to be annoying and even depressing. TikTok is a place many users go every day to find new videos related to the topics they're most interested in. When they don't get those new videos, it can be even more difficult than they might have thought it would be.

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Because TikTok is an app explicitly designed to constantly feed users something new, seeing the same videos over and over again is a critical problem for many TikTok users. While there does seem to be a fix that works for most people, it would make sense for TikTok to spend time trying to make sure that this problem impacts as few people as possible moving forward without them having to solve the issue themselves.

While there are some problems on TikTok that are harder to solve, this one should be easy. The company's highest priority is to make sure that users continue to see new videos every time they navigate to the app. If that's something that users have to fix themselves, they may eventually get frustrated by the fact that the app doesn't seem to work properly.

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