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Source: Instagram

It's Time to Say Goodbye to 'Criminal Minds'


CBS's Criminal Minds is coming down to its last season. It was announced last year that the 15th season of the show, airing at the beginning of 2020, would be the show's end.

If you've been following the show, you know that it's one of CBS's most prominent titles and one of the longest-airing shows ever. When the series finale airs, there will be 325 episodes total, making it the 18th-longest-running show in television history. 

But why is the show ending? Here's what the producers had to say.

Why is Criminal Minds ending? There's no bad blood among the crew.

Usually, a show comes to an end either because it's not doing well or one of the prominent members of the cast or crew decide they don't want to continue the show. With Criminal Minds, that wasn't the case. While there hasn't been a clear answer as to why the crew decided Season 15 would be its last, it seems like there aren't any conflicts with the cast or crew members to force them to make that decision.