If You're Having Trouble Playing 'Destiny 2', You're Not Alone


Apr. 20 2020, Updated 3:26 p.m. ET

Source: Bungie

If you tried to hop online to cruise around with your fellow Guardians in Destiny 2 today only to met with errors, you're not alone. Destiny 2 has been totally offline off-and-on, and Bungie has been working to investigate the issue. That means it's been down across all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and even the newly-released Google Stadia. Here's the scoop on what's been going on and when you can expect to get back online to start grabbing all that sweet, sweet loot. 

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Why is Destiny 2 offline? 

Earlier today, players began reporting issues with Destiny 2 at the login screen, as they began receiving messages stating "Servers offline. Destiny 2 is currently unavailable. Watch help.bungie.net or @BungieHelp for updates as we work to restore service." Users flooded to the Twitter profile @BungieHelp in a bid to seek out updates on the situation, but improvement has been slow going. 

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In fact, players weren't able to get online most of the day, starting from early in the morning on Friday through late Friday evening, and looking to stretch into the weekend. Not the best time for the servers to go offline, right? The weekend is when crews of Guardians get together to tackle raids and spend time online, after all. Bungie appears to have been diligently investigating the problem, however, so even though this is pretty frustrating, the developer is staying on top of things. 

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While the investigation has been underway, Bungie has been slowly taking features offline during the process, such as Clan features and the Destiny API, which helps to connect certain parts of the game to apps and other tech that players utilize. The worst part is, original Destiny players have been affected as well, so it's a pretty Guardian-free world right about now. Here's hoping this isn't something that starts happening often, because players are frustrated by the lengthy maintenance. 

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When will Destiny 2 servers be back up? 

They're operational for several players right now, though your mileage may vary. Though Bungie has attested that the Destiny 2 servers appear to be up now, for the most part, some players still report that they're having issues accessing the game. If you're one of the affected players, you may just need to kick back, relax, and play something else until you can get in. You may still continue to encounter error codes, like "WEASEL," however. 

Hey, Frozen 2's playing in theaters now! Maybe it's time for a family outing of sorts while you wait? You could also tackle one of the great new releases out now: Death Stranding or Jedi: Fallen Order, perhaps? It looks like Bungie's still hard at work getting everything back in order for the time being. Or just keep trying. It's possible you may be able to get in after a few tries, and all will be well with the universe, right? 

Whatever happens, see you on the other side, Guardians!

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