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Source: Bungie

Where is 'Destiny 2's Xur This Week?


If you're a Destiny 2 player, you're likely more than familiar with the weekly question everyone continues to ask: "Where is Xur?" The video game character is described as an "Agent of the Nine" in the world of Bungie's multiplayer online game, and he's a "mysterious vendor" tasked with selling a variety of unique and exotic gear to players who seek him out. There's only one problem: His location changes every single week.

Xur has been around since Destiny's inception, as has his weekly rotation of different items to purchase. If you're serious about tracking Xur down every week and grabbing every goodie he has for sale in each week's rotation, you're going to have to be crafty. You'll also have to do some searching around to see if you can find him. Luckily, we've already done that for you this week. Next time you may very well be on your own! Here's Xur's location this week, from October 18 through October 25.