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Source: bungie

Here's How to Have the Most Pimped-Out 'Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes' 2019 Armor Upgrades


Bungie's been providing tons of content for Destiny 2, and gamers who love the online multiplayer space opera co-op extravaganza are currently enjoying the Solstice of Heroes holiday event. Debuting with the new package is the European Aerial Zone, which seems to be a remix on the Haunted-Infinite-Revelry Forest.

Now this is all fine and dandy, a new mode of play and all, but that's not what fans of the game are really excited about.

Solstice packages in Destiny 2 — here's how to max out your armor upgrades.

What gamers really want is the ability to flaunt the sweet new armor sets that Bungie's created specifically for the Solstice of Heroes. How do you get these blinged-out, pimped-out, fantastic new digs that come with a slew of new set mod slots and extras? 

Easy, complete the challenges that are delineated in the game over the next month and you'll be rocking sweet, gleaming armor in no time.