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Here's How to Have the Most Pimped-Out 'Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes' 2019 Armor Upgrades



Bungie's been providing tons of content for Destiny 2, and gamers who love the online multiplayer space opera co-op extravaganza are currently enjoying the Solstice of Heroes holiday event. Debuting with the new package is the European Aerial Zone, which seems to be a remix on the Haunted-Infinite-Revelry Forest.

Now this is all fine and dandy, a new mode of play and all, but that's not what fans of the game are really excited about.

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Solstice packages in Destiny 2 — here's how to max out your armor upgrades.

What gamers really want is the ability to flaunt the sweet new armor sets that Bungie's created specifically for the Solstice of Heroes. How do you get these blinged-out, pimped-out, fantastic new digs that come with a slew of new set mod slots and extras? 

Easy, complete the challenges that are delineated in the game over the next month and you'll be rocking sweet, gleaming armor in no time.

The first set that you start with is Drained, and that's a given. Then you need to work for a Renewed armor set, which can then be upgraded to Majestic. Now once you've hit the Majestic status, you can then unlock additional challenges that'll get you the coveted Masterwork title for you and your piece of armor. 

The Solstice of Heroes 2019 Datamine Guide:

Thanks to Redditor JpDeathBlade, a datamine of all the necessary steps to reach the Masterwork Armor class has been posted online.

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Source: bungie

There are a few requirements/boxes you need to tick in order to attain the special armor. Keep in mind that all of these conditions need to be satisfied within a month, so adjust your schedules accordingly and get to gaming, ladies and gentleman. 

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Upgrading Drained to Renewed


  • Helmet - Finish missions in the European Aerial Zone, nail 50 precision final blows, and beat 50 Hive opponents.
  • Chest - Finish adventures, gather Solar orbs (strikes), and best Guardians in either the Crucible or Gambit.
  • Legs - Finish the public events on Nessus, gather all the Void orbs in the Crucible or Gambit, and unlock the Solstice Packages.
  • Arms - Open all the chests in the European Aerial Zone, finish the Solstice of Heroes bounties, and smash enemies in the European Aerial Zone, but you need to have the Arc subclass equipped.
  • Class Item - Playlist strikes need to be completed, along with collecting Elemental Orbs (can be any kind). Then you've got to finish the Crucible or Gambit matches.
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    Source: bungie


  • Helmet - Finish European Aerial Zone runs, hit 50 precision final blows, and crush 50 Fallen opponents.
  • Chest - Open 10 chests in the European Aerial Zone, Amass 500 Elemental Orbs (any type, any way), and smite 75 baddies in the European Aerial Zone, Solar Subclass must be equipped.
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  • Legs - Finish 10 public events on Nessus, then 5 Solstice of Heroes bounties, and then beat 10 Guardians in the Gambit or Crucible.
  • Arms - You're gonna wanna finish 10 playlist strikes, Get yourself 100 Solar orbs in Gambit and Crucible, and acquire 10 Solstice Packages.
  • Class Item - 3 Adventures must be completed, and 100 Arc orbs must be collected (any strike), and 10 Crucible or Gambit match victories will get you the Hunter Renewed armor pack.
  • Warlock

  • Helmet - Finish the the European Aerial Zone runs, nail 50 precision final blows, and school 50 Cabal opponents.
  • Chest - Finish all of the adventures, gather some Arc orbs in the Crucible or Gambit, and get access to the Solstice Packages.
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  • Legs - Open the European Aerial Zone chest, gather Solar orbs (strikes), and beat the European Aerial Zone bad guys with the Void subclass equipped.
  • Arms - Finish the playlist strikes, gather some Elemental Orbs (any kind, any way), best the Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit.
  • Class Item - Finish all the Nessus public events, along with the Solstice of Heroes bounties, don't forget to bang out some Crucible and Gambit matches while you're at it.
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    Source: bungie
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    Renewed Armor to Majestic


  • Finish all of the Gambit bouts, Use a matching subclass [Arc, Void, or Solar] to gather Elemental Orbs, beat Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit, but you need to do it as a group and while using Arc weapons.
  • Beat baddies in strike playlists, but you gotta use the corresponding subclass [Arc, Void, Solar kill days], raid the European Aerial Zone chests, and beat Fallen, again, with a matching subclass [Arc, Solar, Void].
  • Finish those bounties, gather the Void orbs [any strike], and beat enemies with Solar melee whacks.
  • Heroic public events: do them, Daily or weekly challenges: complete theme, European Aerial Zone minibosses: beat them.
  • Finish all of the Io patrols, Gather some Elemental orbs in the European Aerial Zone, use solar weapons to beat bad guys.
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  • Finish the bounties, open the European Aerial Zone chests, and use Arc weapons to best the bad guys.
  • Do the Heroic public events, Gather Arc orbs [any strike will do], beat up the Cabal combatants with a matching subclass [Arc, Void, Solar days].
  • Finish the gambit matches, gather Elemental Orbs with a corresponding subclass [Arc, Void, Solar], and massacre enemies with some Void grenades.
  • Finish some weekly or daily challenges, Beat baddies in strike playlists, but you gotta use the corresponding subclass [Arc, Void, Solar kill days], Use void weapons to defeat bad guys in the Gambit or Crucible with a team.
  • Finish patrols in the EDZ, gather Elemental Orbs [any kind] European Aerial Zone, and beat the minibosses while you're there, too.
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    Source: bungie

    You can check back here regularly for updates on how to get the Majestic armor set for the Warlock, and then get the Masterwork sets for all three job classes. You've only got a month, so get cracking!

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