Godzilla Is Pink in 'Godzilla x Kong' Likely Due to Some New Powers


Dec. 4 2023, Published 11:44 a.m. ET

Godzilla in pink with ice behind him.
Source: Warner Bros.

The Gist:

  • The trailer for Godzilla x Kong reveals that Godzilla will be pink in the movie after coming out of hibernation.
  • The pink isn't explained, but many believe that it means Godzilla will be even more powerful in this new installment.
  • The pink is also a solid marketing gimmick that will allow new toys to be sold around the movie's release.
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Although Godzilla may not be quite as popular as Iron Man, the giant lizard from Japan shows up in movies almost as often. Now, thanks to a trailer for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, we've got a preview of the next Hollywood version of a Godzilla movie which is set to hit theaters in 2024.

The trailer features plenty of awe-inspiring visuals and cool moments, but many people were caught off guard by the new color scheme for the iconic lizard. While he's usually black or brown with some bright blue highlights, this new Godzilla seems to be a whole lot pinker.

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Godzilla and Kong running forward together.
Source: Warner Bros.

Why is Godzilla pink in 'Godzilla x Kong?'

While we don't know the exact reasons for the new color scheme in Godzilla x Kong, the trailer does make it clear that both Godzilla and King Kong are going to be decked out with new weapons for this film. Godzilla's new pink coloration could be the result of some sort of evolution, or it could mean that he gets exposed to a new kind of radiation at some point in the film that changes his coloring.

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One thing most people seem to agree on, though, is that this new coloring is likely a signal that Godzilla will also have some new powers. We see in the trailer that Godzilla hibernated after the events of Godzilla vs. Kong so that he could heal. Godzilla likely unlocks this new power set during that time. Ultimately, the new coloration seems to be a clear signal that Godzilla is growing stronger.

Godzilla's color change is a great business decision.

In addition to signaling an evolution in Godzilla's powers, the other reason his coloration has changed is so that new merch can be created for the character in the new color scheme. Instead of creating the same old toy version of the character that has existed for the last two movies, new toys will be created and feature this pink color scheme.

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'Godzilla x Kong' teases the emergence of a new threat.

As the MonsterVerse continues to expand, Godzilla x Kong seems to suggest that a new threat will emerge. This time, though, it's one that Godzilla and Kong may take on as allies following the events of Godzilla vs. Kong, in which they united against a common enemy after battling with each other.

As for the pink Godzilla, all will almost undoubtedly be explained when the movie hits theaters in April 2024. Until then, Godzilla superfans will just have to speculate about exactly what makes him turn pink.

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