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Source: Netflix

'Grace and Frankie' Will Make Netflix History Before Its Final Season Airs


While Orange is the New Black was the first Netflix series to put the streaming service on the map for original content, Grace and Frankie soon followed suit (and it arguably did even more for the site's popularity). The comedy brought older generations into the world of streaming due to its leads, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, while also maintaining a strong audience of younger viewers.  

Grace and Frankie was one of the first original comedy series for a streaming service, and it proved that audiences would binge-watch shorter, more lighthearted shows in the same way that they watched dramas laden with cliffhangers. But, like all good things, the show is coming to an end after its upcoming seventh season.

Why is Grace and Frankie ending? Read on to find out what Netflix said about pulling the plug on the popular comedy, and the record the show will break before it ends.