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Source: Fancy Force

'Happy Wheels' and Other Popular Flash-Based Games Are in Danger of Shutting Down


If you're unfamiliar with the game Happy Wheels, then you probably don't understand what the big deal is behind it shutting down. It's a simple concept: a ragdoll-based physics game that has a basic premise — get your character to the finish line as they ride their vehicle of choice. You've got a dad out for a nice bike ride with his child riding in a kiddie seat on the back, you've got an older gentleman in a wheelchair, an obese woman in a motorized shopping cart, to name a few.

They definitely don't seem like the typical protagonists you'd imagine controlling in a videogame, for sure, but that's because Happy Wheels isn't a typical game. The game's dripping with a dark sense of brutal humor. Because of the "floppy" nature of your characters, the greatest challenge in the game is controlling them and keeping your avatars from splattering themselves all over pavement, spikes, or murdersome falls from great heights.