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Source: Instagram

"Trash" Man Calls Doting Woman Poor for Not Being Able to Afford Him Red Lobster


Twitter users were confused to see that popular seafood chain Red Lobster was trending. While their cheddar biscuits are quite delicious and folks are always on the lookout for "endless shrimp" (which is a skating-on-thin-ice scenario if I ever heard one), it was quite confusing for several peeps who began to frantically try and understand what the big deal with the restaurant was. Did they debut new items? Was Bruno Mars caught doing blow in one of their bathrooms

Why is Red Lobster trending?

As it turns out, it has nothing to do with the restaurant itself and more to do with a "trash" man who took petty entitlement to new heights.

Twitter user Teonna shared some screencapped messages of a text conversation she had with a man that she was (past tense, very important to note) talking to. She asked him if he'd like for her to bring him some dinner.

Source: Instagram