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"Trash" Man Calls Doting Woman Poor for Not Being Able to Afford Him Red Lobster



Twitter users were confused to see that popular seafood chain Red Lobster was trending. While their cheddar biscuits are quite delicious and folks are always on the lookout for "endless shrimp" (which is a skating-on-thin-ice scenario if I ever heard one), it was quite confusing for several peeps who began to frantically try and understand what the big deal with the restaurant was. Did they debut new items? Was Bruno Mars caught doing blow in one of their bathrooms

Why is Red Lobster trending?

As it turns out, it has nothing to do with the restaurant itself and more to do with a "trash" man who took petty entitlement to new heights.

Twitter user Teonna shared some screencapped messages of a text conversation she had with a man that she was (past tense, very important to note) talking to. She asked him if he'd like for her to bring him some dinner.

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The man expressed that he desired some Red Lobster to which Teonna offered an alternative as she currently didn't, at the time, feel like spending her money on a meal at the restaurant as she recently dropped a significant amount of cash on bills. Not that she really needed to justify her economic position with this dude, after all, she's offering him the dinner and as they say, beggars can't be choosers.

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Well, it turns out that they most certainly can, but it's just a poor way to go about existing, as this particular man proved in his conversation. After extending the offer of dinner, he doubled down on his Red Lobster stance and began to berate her for her "inability" to afford a $50 meal for him. Thankfully, Teonna sticks up for herself and proceeds to tell him off.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

He unfortunately persists with his extremely egotistical and selfish line of thinking after unbelievably telling her to "never" offer another option when he told her precisely what he wants to eat. The nerve of the dude is pretty sickening, and one can only wonder what kind of entitled upbringing the man had that let him think it was OK to berate someone, especially a woman he's talking to, with that kind of degrading tone.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

It didn't take long for Twitter to come at the dude's throat, especially after Teonna began posting his follow-up texts that only served up further proof of how deluded and inflated the man's perception of his own self-worth is.

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Source: Twitter

What I find truly baffling is the fact that he's calling this woman out for "being poor" and not being able to afford a "man of his caliber" when he clearly can't afford it for himself.

It's also bizarre that he thinks because he had another sugar mama before who could buy him $50 Red Lobster meals 4 days a week previously, that this other woman he's in a relationship with should do the same thing.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

I guess there's something to be said for a person who is an unabashed leech...I'd almost admire someone who just outright stated, "Hey I am only trying to date people who want to be my sugar Mama because I'm not smart/talented/hardworking enough to buy it myself." 

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This guy, instead, calls himself a "King" and uses all sorts of mental gymnastics to turn the conversation into a point about "self worth" while simultaneously ignoring Teonna's actual point about her own self worth. I think that's mainly because he doesn't understand what "self worth" is. Or he's such a spoiled Mama's boy brat who has never been told "no" in his entire life.

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In any event, I kind of wish Teonna confirmed whether or not the dude in the photo someone posted is actually him, along with social handles so future women would know what they're getting into with Mr. King who can't afford his own dinner here. Maybe he should just date someone who works at Red Lobster if he loves it so much then?

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