Justin Assada Says He Made "A Conscious Effort To Walk Off" on 'Perfect Match'

Justin admitted to how difficult his breakup with Elys was.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jun. 21 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Breakups on Perfect Match are never easy. That's because when someone is dumped on the Netflix show, they have a limited amount of time to "match" with someone else, or they're sent home without anything to show for their time other than a few emotional wounds. For Justin Assada, it's apparently even worse, because he doesn't show up for the Perfect Match finale, even though the other single contestants do.

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So what happened to Justin on Perfect Match and why isn't he at the finale reunion? Well, it isn't exactly a reunion, but it's the closest thing viewers get to seeing everyone from the season all back together in one place. So when host Nick Lachey says, "Justin is not here with us tonight, and I know I speak for everyone when I say that he is definitely missed," it puts a spotlight on his absence.

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Why isn't Justin Assada at the 'Perfect Match' finale for Season 2?

Viewers see Elys Hutchinson and Justin break up when Elys connects with Bryce Constantin and chooses to match with him instead. For Elys, an exciting physical connection is also as important as the emotional one she develops with Justin. Justin tells her he doesn't want to hear her entire explanation when she breaks things off, and he chooses to walk away. Likely because of this, Justin opts not to return to see both Elys and Bryton, along with the other cast members, during the finale sit-down.

Ahead of the finale on Netflix, Justin shared a TikTok video where he dove a little deeper into what happened on Perfect Match and why he and Elys ended things the way they did. Justin said in his TikTok that he has respect for Elys and understands why she chose someone else over him. He also said that, prior to filming, he had gone to a lot of therapy which he thought had prepared him well for the experience.

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He also shared in the video that he "made a conscious effort to walk off" the show when Elys broke things off with him. But, despite the difficult breakup, Justin said he doesn't "regret a single thing" that happened. He even shared that he tried briefly to match with someone else before he left after the breakup with Elys, but it just didn't work out for him.

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Is Justin dating anyone after 'Perfect Match'?

Justin doesn't leave Perfect Match in a relationship or, seemingly, with any in-show prospects. When someone connected on his TikTok to ask if he's single now, Justin simply responded with a shy smiling emoji. Take that how you will, but he does seem to be better for the experience of at least trying to find love on a reality show.

Judging by Instagram, it doesn't look like Justin is dating anyone after Perfect Match. But after his tough breakup, and his decision not to return to the show for its finale, it's possible that Justin just wants a little privacy when it comes to his dating life. And can anyone really blame him at this point?

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