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We Just Remembered Meredith Grey Was Fired on 'Grey's Anatomy,' So Now What?


Grey's Anatomy is about to return to our TV screens for Season 16, so fans of the hit ABC medical drama are excited to see their favorite Grey Sloan Memorial doctors back in action. However, they can't help but question the fate of Meredith Grey (portrayed by actress Ellen Pompeo), who was fired at the end of Season 15. So, why did she get the boot from her big job at the hospital? Scroll down for everything we know!

Why was Meredith Grey fired?

Meredith was fired by Dr. Miranda Bailey at the end of Season 15 for committing insurance fraud. She did so in order to save a young patient with no insurance that she became attached to (she used her daughter's name for the insurance instead).

The show's main character found herself confessing to the crime after her boyfriend, Andrew DeLuca, decided to be heroic and take the fall for her when upper management found out.