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Wife Gets Sweet Revenge on Husband With Fake Grocery List



Mommy blogger Karen Alpert got some sweet revenge on her husband after he spent his whole morning just sitting around the house instead of helping out.

Now, I'm not defending the actions of Alpert's SO, because it'd I wasn't a witness to the "idle time" he was guilty of enjoying, I will say if her story is true, I can understand.

That doesn't mean I'm justifying it. I too find certain activities, such as grocery shopping and rearranging the lotions in the bathroom, as a waste of time and not a priority at all.

If there's some kind of protein to eat in the house and water to drink, I feel like grocery shopping isn't really a pressing matter. And does anyone ever need to maintain a precise order of where shampoos, conditioners, and face creams go in a bathroom? Absolutely not.

However, having been in a few relationships, I realize a person can feel some type of way if their beloved isn't pulling their weight around the house, whether it's not contributing enough financially or not picking up the slack when it comes to chores.

So Karen, who runs the Baby Sideburns Facebook page, decided to prank her hubby instead of just reaming him out for his laziness.

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After running around and having a productive morning while he sat on the couch doing a whole bunch of nothing, Karen had a brilliant idea: send the man on an impossible errand at the grocery store

When I'm shopping by myself, for myself, it's pretty straightforward and easy — I'm in and out. But when I have to wade in and out of aisles to find all the things my wife put on the shopping list, I start looking for the pre-tied noose aisle. Then the sturdy tree aisle. Which happens to be next to the horse-riding posse aisle and hopefully the trusty-sidekick-with-a-rifle aisle isn't too far away. But I digress.

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 Shopping for someone else sucks, and it's even worse when someone hands you a list like this. If you take a moment to read what Karen put on the note, you'll soon learn that none of these items exist. There's no such thing as 3% milk. Fat-free hummus is ridiculous because hummus is made out of beans, and if there's one thing every bean has in common is that it contains healthy fats you can't remove.

This is pure, wonderful, evil.

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To make matters even worse, Karen turned the ringer off on her phone while her husband ambled through the aisles, trying to find what she sent him to get. I wonder how long it took him to realize this was all a huge prank? Unsour cream is just...cream, right?

Diet Diet Coke — is that just Coke Zero? Organic Pop Tarts? Toaster Strudels are kinda organic-ey looking, no? As for the seedless strawberries, I'd just buy the regular ones and get to work on them with a toothpick. Problem solved.

Also, I'm sure if you grabbed a quart of full fat milk and poured a bit into a bottle of 1 percent, you could make 3 percent a reality.

Pfft, this list is for amateurs.

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In about the amount of time it took for Karen's husband to realize he got played, the post blew up. It currently has over 56,000 shares and over 65,000 reactions. Tons of people commented on the joke as well, some saying their hubby would have totally fallen for it, while others couldn't believe that anyone would believe the list wasn't a joke.

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To them, I would say maybe the way Karen presented the list had something to do with it. Who hasn't been rightfully scolded for not putting in as much effort as their partner, then felt super guilty about it? I know I have, and hopped to whatever they said to make up for my inactivity.

Or maybe he did realize the note was a prank and figured he bought himself another 2 hours or so of free time, so he left the house and caught a movie on his own.

There are plenty of "prank" grocery lists on the internet, but some were created for entirely different reasons. Like this one Redditor's girlfriend who was dropped a not-so-subtle hint.

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Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

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