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Source: facebook

Wife Gets Sweet Revenge on Husband With Fake Grocery List


Mommy blogger Karen Alpert got some sweet revenge on her husband after he spent his whole morning just sitting around the house instead of helping out.

Now, I'm not defending the actions of Alpert's SO, because it'd I wasn't a witness to the "idle time" he was guilty of enjoying, I will say if her story is true, I can understand.

That doesn't mean I'm justifying it. I too find certain activities, such as grocery shopping and rearranging the lotions in the bathroom, as a waste of time and not a priority at all.

If there's some kind of protein to eat in the house and water to drink, I feel like grocery shopping isn't really a pressing matter. And does anyone ever need to maintain a precise order of where shampoos, conditioners, and face creams go in a bathroom? Absolutely not.