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Source: Getty Images

'Riverdale' Wouldn't Be the Same Without Cole Sprouse, but Jughead Could Legitimately Be a Goner


If spring break on Riverdale Season 4 is any indication of where the core four will be, come the show’s return after the mid-season finale, they could be short one important member. Jughead appears to be dead in all of the latest flash forward scenes and if that’s the case, it means Cole Sprouse is leaving Riverdale. But could that actually happen at this point?

Jughead is as much a part of the series as any one of the main characters and although Season 1 was very much The Archie Show, Cole’s role as Jughead is integral to one of the biggest Season 4 storylines. Sure, there are plenty of those to go around right now, but Jughead’s mystery is starting to take center stage in the grand scheme of things.