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Source: The CW

The Ridiculous 'Riverdale' Season 4 Plots Haven't Made It Clear What the Season Is Actually About


No one ever said Riverdale was perfect or that all of the storylines were totally believable. But the Riverdale Season 4 plots right now are so all over the place that it is getting harder for fans to make excuses. The first few seasons introduced mysteries like who killed Jason and who the Black Hood was. Even Season 3, which was a little confusing at times, had the recurring theme of the Gargoyle King. Now, the show has gone from intricate storytelling to being downright confusing.

Maybe if the plot about Betty being a serial killer expert and having the serial killer genes herself was the running storyline this season, it would be easier to follow. Or, if Hiram’s run for mayor after breaking out of his own prison lasted more than one episode, it might make more sense to fans. But right now, these are almost all of the Riverdale plots and when thrown together, they make for a doozy of a season.

These are the most ridiculous Riverdale Season 4 plots: