Is Dr. Floyd Reynolds and Dr. Lyn Malvo’s Relationship on 'New Amsterdam' Doomed?

Dr. Floyd Reynolds and Dr. Lyn Malvo are dating on 'New Amsterdam,' but now that her husband knows about the relationship, will they break up?

Toni Sutton - Author

Nov. 9 2021, Published 8:23 p.m. ET

Dr. Floyd Reynolds and Dr. Lyn Malvo in the office of Dr. Claude Baptiste's on 'New Amsterdam'.
Source: NBC

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers through Season 4, Episode 7 of New Amsterdam.

It's has been a rather complicated Season 4 for the characters on NBC's New Amsterdam, especially for Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims). Near the end of Season 3, audiences saw him connecting with a new woman at the hospital. It was apparent that from his and Dr. Lyn Malvo's (Frances Turner) first meeting, there were sparks between the two. Though when Dr. Malvo told Floyd she was married, audiences figured that would be the end of things.

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However, Lyn shared with Floyd that she and her husband have an understanding: When he's not in town, they are both allowed to be with other people. She told him that she has never acted on it before, but he changed that for her. At first, Dr. Reynolds was wary about the situation and didn't want to pursue anything, but then changed his mind. By the end of the season, their fling ended up turning into more of a relationship. Then during the season finale, the ultimate twist happened.

Dr. Floyd Reynolds and Dr. Lyn Malvo on 'New Amsterdam'.
Source: NBC
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When Floyd met and was promoted by surgeon Dr. Claude Baptiste (Andre B. Blake), he found out that the doctor is Lyn's husband. In Season 4, Dr. Baptiste and Floyd continued to work closely together as his relationship with his wife was getting pretty serious. In Episode 6, the pair decided to tell Claude, and it didn't go well. Will this cause Floyd and Lyn to stop seeing one another in New Amsterdam?

Will Floyd Reynolds and Lyn Malvo break up on 'New Amsterdam'?

In an interview with TVLine before the Season 4 premiere of New Amsterdam, Jocko Simms discussed his character and how the truth about him and Dr. Malvo would come out sooner than later. He shared, "What's interesting about Dr. Reynolds is he's always been very structured. He has his life planned out. He wants to have his woman, his family, and the traditional thing, but clearly, he's found himself a bit in over his head."

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He went on to say, "But whether Baptiste already knows what's going on between Reynolds and his wife, or he's completely in the dark, the relationship can't stay secret for long. At some point, the cat's got to come out of the bag."

When Lyn confessed to her husband, it didn't sit well at all with Dr. Baptiste. At every turn, he heckled Floyd while they worked. This had fans of the series boiling, and many felt that Floyd and Lyn's love story needed to come to an end.

Floyd, Lyn, and Claude having breakfast to discuss this complicated relationship on 'New Amsterdam'.
Source: NBC
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One fan took to social media and tweeted, "We knew this [throuple] was going to be bad. Floyd, you deserve better. Leave this mess alone." This was seconded by another who said, "Floyd needs to get back to his center, his values, his truth. And dump her." Another commented, "Floyd need to leave that woman alone 'cause ain't no way she is worth the hassle of her husband and his fragile masculinity."

We don't know if Floyd and Lyn break up, but executive producer David Schulner teased to TVLine, "Everyone's in a hopefully beautiful place by the end of the season. Everyone has exactly what they always wanted. [But] sometimes a new beginning or getting everything you wanted is going to be a lot more than you bargained for." Maybe they will figure out how to make their entanglement work.

New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m EST on NBC.

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