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Source: Walt Disney Pictures

'Hocus Pocus' Is Set to Get a Remake — but Will the Original Sanderson Sisters Return?


Halloween season is in full swing, which means people are shopping for costumes, accruing candy stockpiles, and watching every classic Halloween movie on Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween. Hocus Pocus is arguably the most iconic of these Halloween flicks, with the best elements of the holiday wrapped into one: three witchy sisters summoned from the dead, spooky songs, and kids whose stories nobody believes.

The film wasn't successful when it was originally released in 1993, but replays on Disney and ABC Family (now, Freeform) led the film to gather a huge cult following. Will there be a Hocus Pocus remake? Will the Sanderson sisters return, or will there be a new crop of witches haunting Salem? Plus, the ideal casts that people online have been pushing for.