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Source: paramount pictures

Is Ice Man Being Iced Out of ‘Top Gun 2’? Details on if Val Kilmer Will Star in the Sequel


Will Val Kilmer be in Top Gun 2? It took 33 years for a sequel to the iconic '80s jet-fighter pilot flick with the best soundtrack ever to grace the silver screens and here we are.

Comic Con fans were surprised with an exciting new trailer that looks absolutely stunning. While I love the first movie mostly for nostalgic purposes and the fact that I was obsessed with planes and Tom Cruise as a kid, this new movie has some truly breathtaking flight sequences.

We gleaned some Top Gun 2: Maverick plot spoilers from the trailer.

We don't have much to go by from the trailer, but the two minutes of pieced-together footage gives us a little insight into the type of world Maverick's living in today. We learn that the famed jet fighter pilot (played by Tom Cruise) has elected to stay in the thick of flying and combat preparation. As his commanding officer, played by Ed Harris puts it, "You could've been a 2-star Admiral by now."