Where Are the Infamous "Los Muchachos" Now? See Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta Today

Netflix series 'Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami' tells the tale of Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta, who were figures in the Miami drug trade. Where are they now?


Aug. 4 2021, Published 2:49 p.m. ET

'Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami'
Source: Netflix

From the producers and director of the original Cocaine Cowboys mini-franchise comes Netflix's latest, Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami. The new series follows Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta, or "Los Muchachos," who were accused of smuggling 75 tons of cocaine into Miami. The duo were arrested in 1991, but where are they now?

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Read on for everything we know about the former billionaire kingpins and what they're up to today.

Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta
Source: Netflix
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Where are the infamous "Los Muchachos" now? 'Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami' tells their story.

Unlike their other peers in the Cocaine Cowboys franchise, Augusto "Willy" Falcon and Salvador "Sal" Magluta were shockingly not on police's radar until 1991. After repeatedly evading law enforcement, they were arrested in 1991 for a handful of crimes related to drug trafficking, including operating a continuing criminal enterprise. The biggest accusation against them alleged they'd imported and distributed 75 tons of cocaine.

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At first, the pair were found not guilty, but the United States Attorney's office launched an investigation into the finances of "Los Muchachos" and determined that they had bribed members of the jury and the jury foreman. As a result, Willy, Sal, their lawyers, and members of the jury (among others) were charged with criminal offenses related to the incident.

Sal was charged with 205 years in prison, while Willy escaped with only 20 by striking a plea deal with the government. Sal was transferred to a super-maximum security federal prison facility in Florence, Colo. However, in 2010, Sal's attorney sued the government to have Sal transferred out of the supermax prison and has been seeking his client a new trial, allegedly based on over 40 legal violations.

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'Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami' promotional material
Source: Netflix

Willy, on the other hand, was released from prison in November 2018. According to The Sun, Willy was immediately taken into ICE custody upon his release, where a Justice Department spokesperson said, "Mr. Falcon Ramos has been removed from the United States."

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Instead of being deported to his native Cuba, Willy was sent to the Dominican Republic. Willy being deported to the Dominican Republic is reportedly the result of his deal with the U.S. He arranged to stop fighting deportation if he could be sent anywhere other than Cuba. Willy's brother, Gustavo, was also arrested on grounds of drug trafficking and is currently serving 11 years in prison.

'Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami' promotional material.
Source: Netflix
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Previous documentaries around the Cocaine Cowboys didn't include Willy and Sal, which is surprising due to their heavy involvement in the drug trafficking ring and frequent appearances in headlines. Netflix's latest docuseries shines a light on their story in a new way and hopefully provides more context to the original series. Director Billy Corben told The Guardian that he'd initially wanted Willy and Sal's story to be first in the franchise.

Source: Twitter

"The Kings of Miami is the fourth title in the franchise, but it’s the first story we wanted to tell," he said. "The wounds were too fresh. The story hadn’t ripened yet to the point where everybody had some hindsight and some distance and was ready to talk about it." Now that all has been revealed, audiences can see "Los Muchachos" for themselves.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami is now streaming on Netflix.

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