Ladies, Are Creepy Men Following You Around a Store? This Woman Says She Found the Solution

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jun. 26 2023, Updated 11:31 a.m. ET

If you see a human in the wild that you find interesting, it's difficult to muster up the courage to talk to them. This is especially hard for folks who have anxiety, are not great at reading people, don't practice the art of small talk, or are just painfully shy. Dating is tough no matter how you slice it. However, don't slice it in an incredibly weird way.

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A woman by the name of Savanna posted a TikTok about a gross encounter she had with two young men in Walmart. Hard to believe this happened in Walmart, a place known for its sane activities. In the TikTok she explains how she stopped these creepers from creepin'. Ladies, save this video or take notes because you'll want to use this at some point. Sadly this is a when situation, not an if.

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Dear men, please leave the women of Walmart alone.

Fed up with being followed by two decidedly weird men, Savanna came up with a fun solution to the light stalking problem. "I have run out of patience for creepy men," she says in the video. If only we could run out of creepy men instead! "Today I found the solution," claims Savanna. We are all ears.

What should have been a quick trip into Walmart, to pick up plain white T-shirts for tie-dyeing purposes, turned into an exercise of self-preservation. While in the men's section looking for said shirts, Savanna clocked two dudes intensely staring at her. "I saw them see me," she said. "If you're a girl, you know what I mean." Every girl knows what this means.

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Not wanting to presume anything, despite already understanding what was happening, Savanna continued on her way. The problem was, these men also continued on her way. "They proceeded to go out of their way to follow me around while I shopped," she said. This lasted for roughly two to three minutes before Savanna got fed up with the predatory nonsense.

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Savanna gave them a big ol' terrifying piece of her mind.

When you're done, you're done, and Savanna was 100 percent done. "I turned around in the middle of the aisle, and so loud I was like, 'Dude, I will literally kill you. I will peel your skin off and wear it as a shirt. Leave me alone.'" In this moment, we should all hear a chorus of people singing "Hallelujah" in our heads.

In response to this wonderfully colorful announcement, the two men proceeded to play dumb though we doubt they were actually playing. One of the guys made a stuttering sound, which Savanna parroted back to him. The other gentleman stuck to the classics and simply called her a b----. Men, I'm begging you to get a thesaurus. Find some new words. They're definitely out there!

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They walked away after this, and Savanna was able to continue her shopping alone, as was prophesied the moment she walked into Walmart by herself. She did leave the world with one more piece of advice: "If you just make it your mission to start creeping out creeps, you'll be able to shop in peace." Done.

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The responses to Savanna's TikTok were delightful and scary.

Obviously Savanna is not the only woman to ever experience the phenomenon of being followed in a public space. Many women chimed in with their own experiences and suggestions, in the replies. "Our daughter barks at them, full on police dog barking. It’s insane," said one TikTtok user.

Another added, "I looked a guy straight in the face and said, 'OMG, you look just like my son. I think you're his dad, and I need child support.' He ran so fast." Funny, but also such a bummer! A few people said they simply growl at these men, while others suggested following them back. Please don't do that!

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Here's what you can do. ABC 13 News spoke with a police officer who teaches Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) courses. While he couldn't divulge all of his secrets, because he doesn't want potential attackers to know the moves, he did give some helpful tips.

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First and foremost, make eye contact. "You let them know through eye contact, I do see you," said Officer Craig Hamilton. "A lot of the time that's gonna deter someone from attacking you." I'm not suggesting Savanna was going to be attacked, but these are useful tactics and we already saw eye contact worked with Savanna.

Once again, Savanna was on top of this because the next suggestion is to take a deep breath and "give a strong verbal response." Threatening to skin someone is definitely a strong verbal response. If this doesn't work, the class teaches women moves to hopefully surprise the would-be assailant. Their motto is "stun and run." Ladies, start stunnin' then get to runnin'.

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