Woman Confronts Mom Who Left Baby Inside Her Car to Pick up Starbucks

In a social post, a woman confronted a mom who left her baby inside her car to pick up Starbucks, and of course, folks want her head on a platter.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jul. 13 2023, Published 10:53 a.m. ET

Over the years, there have been tons of headlines about babies overheating in cars. As such, most people would think that parents would avoid doing the unthinkable to prevent any harm to their babies. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

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Vehicular heatstroke, aka hyperthermia, occurs when the body overheats and is not able to cool down quickly enough, per Pampers. The brand shares that “when a child is left in a hot car, the major organs start to shut down when the body temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit," and “when the body temperature rises to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, a child can die.”

With that in mind, parents should not leave their children in the car. Unfortunately, one mom on TikTok clearly didn’t get the memo and was confronted by a woman after leaving her baby inside a car to pick up Starbucks. Here’s the lowdown.

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A TikTok user shared that she confronted a mom who left her baby inside a car to pick up Starbucks.

In our loudest Cardi B voice: What was the reason? In a June 24, 2023, TikTok video, creator Melissa Joy Ledman @melissajoyledman shared a disturbing video of her confronting a mom who had the audacity to leave her baby inside a car to pick up Starbucks.

“Ok [TikTok], do your thing! Cops were called, but this woman parked next to me leaving her baby in the car. No air conditioner with the windows up. DON’T LEAVE BABIES IN THE CAR ON PURPOSE,” the caption reads.

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As the video starts, you see Melissa walking into a Starbucks location in Gresham, Oregon with text that reads: “Woman leaves baby in car for Starbucks.”

Once Melissa gets into the door, you hear someone yell her name. Melissa then asked the patrons loudly: “Hey, who has a tan Chevy?”

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A white woman standing at the opposite end of the store says, “I do.” She then asked Melissa, “Does my baby drive?”

The woman then walked out of Starbucks and hustled to her vehicle, with Melissa following a distance behind her.

“You should really bring your baby inside, the windows are up,” Melissa said to the woman. The woman then yells something like, “I know,” as she walks over to the car.

“It isn’t a big deal,” the woman said.

“It is a big deal, ma’am,” Melissa replied.

As Melissa walked back into the Starbucks, she asked employees if they could call the cops. She walked towards the door and asked another person to call the police.

“She left her baby in the car while she came in here with all the windows up,” Melissa said as the woman walked back into Starbucks. A man walked up to Starbucks and Melissa pointed out the car with the baby inside.

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“I’m not sure if the baby is still in there, but she rolled down the window and told us to mind our business,” Melissa said.

Melissa then walked toward the back of the store behind the register to talk to the employees. She was asked if she got the license plate and Melissa said that she was still recording.

Another employee said that the woman is now leaving the store and Melissa followed with her phone as the woman can be seen closing the door to her vehicle.

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In a follow-up video, Melissa addressed some of the comments received on the initial video. She said that the woman pulled up next to her in the parking lot and she saw the baby in the car.

Interestingly, Melissa shared that she’s a former employee of Starbucks, and one of the employees called the cops. However, the authorities did not call Melissa back, show up, or do anything to appease the situation.

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TikTok users are upset with the mom for leaving her baby in the car.

We all know the dangers of leaving children in a car — from possible kidnapping to vehicular heatstroke. So the fact that this mom thought it was wise to leave her baby in the car to stop at Starbucks is ridiculous. And of course, folks on social media had a lot to say.

“I never leave my kids in the car for anything, ever! I lock my doors when I’m pumping gas, too,” one user shared.

“Idk about where you are, but it was HOT here today. Even with windows down, babies have a very short time before they are not OK,” another person chimed in.

And of course, some folks are disgusted with the police for not taking action.

“They’ll do something about it when it’s too late like they always do, unfortunately. I’m starting to think it’s just some type of population control, one user shared.

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We never thought that we’d have to say this, but please do not leave your babies and children in the car. This situation could have easily gone from bad to tragic.

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