Woman Captured on Camera Doing a Happy Dance After Finally Landing a Job

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Oct. 5 2020, Updated 12:41 p.m. ET

So many people are struggling to find work in a world rocked by a pandemic. So when Kallayah Jones actually landed a job, she was so happy that she did a little dance out in the parking lot. What she didn't know is that her dance was caught on camera and that it would soon go totally viral.

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Dakara Spence is the manager of The Spot, a restaurant in Decatur, Georgia. When Kallayah came in for an interview on September 29, Dakara saw something special in Kallayah and knew she wanted to hire her right away. "She had a great energy. I felt it as soon as she walked in. She seemed really positive," Dakara told CBS 46.

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They had a great conversation during the interview, and when Kallayah left, she danced for joy in the parking lot! Dakara called her right then and hired her.

"I called her phone and I said, 'I'm going to hire you and I seen your happy dance so you can continue dancing,'" Dakara said. "She was just screaming through the phone and it was just a beautiful moment for me."

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Kallayah said, "Ms. Dakara didn't know but I was going through so much and at that point when she gave me this chance and this opportunity. I was elated, excited, and so overwhelmed to the point where no one understood how happy and accomplished I felt at that moment."

She didn't know the cameras caught her doing her dance. It was just an incredible moment for her. Kallayah had been homeless for two years and had lost a lot of work due to the pandemic. This job offer from Dakara was a huge step in the right direction.

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Kallayah now has a job as a server at The Spot, but she also became a huge viral star thanks to the video. It's been viewed over a million times on Instagram alone.

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In this time of intense stress and tragedy, we need all the stories we can get of people achieving dreams and making moves. 

Of course, in a perfect world, the federal government would have provided people like Kallayah and so many others with the funds they would have needed to exist comfortably while we all hunkered down to beat the coronavirus. Instead, people like Kallayah have to work so hard to get jobs at which they will have to risk their lives on a daily basis just to make enough money to survive.

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None of this diminishes the incredible hard work Kallayah did to get the job. She's obviously got amazing drive and positivity and deserves to find success and happiness. I just wish she wasn't in that desperate a situation to begin with.

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Insider reports that as of September 12, about 12.6 million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits, and the unemployment rate is hovering around 8.4 percent. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that half of the adults who lost their job due to the pandemic still have not returned to work.

Low-wage workers are the least likely to have returned to work, and without nationwide eviction and rent cancellation, that means that many are being kicked out of their homes for circumstances that are completely out of their control.

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