"The Audacity" — This Woman Found the Wedding Website of the Guy She's Dating

After happily dating for several weeks, a woman stumbled across a wedding website for the man she had been seeing. This is a big I don't!

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Sep. 27 2023, Published 3:19 p.m. ET

I imagine it was very easy to cheat on one's partner, before the internet. The only information about a person you could look up was their address and phone number in the phone book. That only worked if they were listed. Once a person walked out of their home, they essentially disappeared. Unless you called someone on a landline to let them know what you were doing or where you were going, anonymity was guaranteed.

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Although there are more opportunities to meet people in the virtual world, there are absolutely more ways someone can get caught stepping out. Our digital footprints are all over the internet. For Ellen Smith, who goes by @ellenelizsmith on TikTok, finding out she was a pawn in some dude's cheating game happened by accident, thanks to the World Wide Web. Keep scrolling to learn about the audacity of men.

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Bad days come in all sizes.

One person's bad day might be another's treasure but there are some things that are objectively not good. Ellen was existing on the internet, as one does, when she accidentally stumbled over the wedding website of her new dude.

She says she found it on Google which means Ellen was googling something. In all likelihood it was his name, which would make this less of an accident and more of a search.

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Perhaps she had a feeling something was off about him. If this is true, I have no idea how she waited that long. I used to google a date long before I changed his contact name in my phone from First Name Dating App to Actual Full Name.

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She stumbled upon her new beau on the popular wedding website Zola, whose TikTok jumped into the comments for support. "Women on the internet are better than the FBI," Zola's TikTok account wrote. "Bright side? We’ll be here when you find the right one." Never miss an opportunity to land a new customer!

The comments were also filled with similar horror stories from women who tossed them onto the relationship funeral pyre that is Ellen's tragic tale. File this one under It Could Always Be Worse. "How about finding the wedding website of the man you’ve been dating for six YEARS," wrote one woman. (That could be a show on TLC called The Six Year Itch.) "The audacity," Ellen commented back.

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Another woman, who must love to gamble, saw a wedding website and raised everyone an entire baby registry. Can a person add divorce attorney to their baby registry? Get them a onesie and carseat his wife can put their child in as she's driving straight outta that marriage.

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So, what's next for Ellen? Obviously she had to endure ridiculous text messages from this scoundrel. In a subsequent TikTok she highlighted a few but what we wouldn't give to see the unabridged version.

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Android shaming aside, it's clear this guy doesn't seem to get it. My favorite has to be "What?" We love a dumb guy playing dumb without the self-awareness needed to know he's just that dumb.

In what can only be described as a Hail Mary, he texted "You up?" followed by "I am Sorry." The only time I want to be asked if I'm up is when someone wants to make sure I didn't miss my alarm for an insanely early flight. The last exchange was comical in how pathetic it is. "I'm not saying you need to accept it," he said. Why can't Ellen by like other girls who simply wouldn't mind entering into an affair before and possibly after a wedding?

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