What Does "That's a Body" Mean? The Phrase Is Currently Gaining Traction Online

The phrase "that's a body" is popping up all over the internet, but what does it mean? Plus, how its definition changes if you're in a relationship.

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Sep. 21 2023, Published 5:26 p.m. ET

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As a society, we have a strange fascination with talking about our sexual partners like serial killers. For example, the term "body count" is often used to refer to the number of people a person has had sex with.

If you read that and thought it sounded dehumanizing, you are absolutely correct. It also implies that there is something wrong with having a lot of sexual partners and/or only having a few. But for some reason, we've yet to shake it.

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And to make matters worse, the phrase "that's a body" is currently being tossed around on the internet. What does it mean? Keep scrolling to find out.

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What does "that's a body" mean?

The phrase "that's a body" is a slang term that refers to someone who could be a potential sexual partner. For example, in the tweet below, one user wrote: "If he picks you up from the airport - that’s a body."

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Obviously, picking someone up from the airport is not a sexual act. However, if a guy does that for a girl, it may be interpreted as that he likes or desires her. He is actively trying to impress her.

Another person teased that adding someone on Goodreads may suggest someone is interested as wanting to look at someone's reading list can be seen as an intimate act.

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One tweet read: "If you sneeze and a girl tells you 'bless you' and you say 'thank you' …that’s a body."

And another user wrote: "If a girl takes a photo in your car [and] it’s on her insta highlights, that’s a body."

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People in relationships are also included in the "that's a body" trend.

In a TikTok video, creator @saharrooo and her friend made a list of things that should count as a body if your significant other does it with someone who isn't you. But the catch is that if you're in a relationship and are doing things that warrant saying "that's a body," it basically implies you're cheating.

For example, she claimed that letting someone scratch your back or play with your hair that isn't your significant other is a body.

Also, if your significant other hugs someone else and picks them up, and spins them around, that's a body. @saharrooo's friends added that a guy hanging out with a girl who isn't his significant other is also a body.

In conclusion, "that's a body" is just a way to call someone out for actively trying to get with someone.

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