Healthcare Professional Says She Makes “$3,200 a Week” in High-Paying Job

One healthcare professional detailed how she received her lucrative job that allows her to travel, help others, and make serious money.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Aug. 29 2023, Published 11:35 a.m. ET

As inflation continues to be a global problem, the cost of living is only going to increase. So, it’s understandable that when many people think about their next career move, the thought process has less to do with “what do I want to be when I grow up,” and more along the lines of “what career choice will fund my monthly bills?”

The high costs are why some people opt for a career change in the healthcare industry.

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The industry has long been associated with long hours, grueling and emotionally exhausting work, and hefty paydays. Within the field, though, multiple career paths pay abundantly more than others.

On TikTok, a woman named Nisha, whose username on the app is @heynishaa, spilled the tea on how she makes a lucrative living in her healthcare job of choice. The professional is using her influence to inspire others to chase even bigger bags.

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“I got something a little bit better.”

In August 2023, Nisha, a Houston, Texas, native, posted a stitch on her TikTok account. The stitch included another video of a woman stating that her “generation” thinks the only “good paying career in healthcare” is nursing as she recorded herself in a radiologist’s lab.

Nisha replied to the video by saying, “OK, OK, she’s right, but I got something a little better.” She then suggested that instead of going through radiology, healthcare baddies should consider working in a Cath Lab.

Known in the medical community as a Cardiac Catheterization lab, Cath Labs are a “specialized area in the hospital where doctors perform minimally invasive tests and advanced cardiac procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease,” per San Antonio Regional Hospital.

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Nisha said she learned about being a Cath Lab tech while she was in school studying to be an X-ray technician. She explained that one of her classmates told her about the opportunity and she looked into it for herself.

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What Nisha discovered was that Cath Lab techs get paid $10 an hour more than other X-ray school grads, which incentivized her to switch career fields. Now that she’s in her field as a traveling Cath Lab tech, Nisha said she makes “$3,200 a week doing the same job.”

“So go to X-ray school and then look into Cath Lab,” Nisha instructed her TikTok community.

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Nisha has created more videos about working in a Cath Lab since her initial TikTok.

While watching her story, I immediately had more questions, such as how long it took her to find the position she has or when does sis sleep, considering she said one of her shifts can last over 12 hours!

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Soon after she posted her TikTok about her journey as a Cath Lab technician, Nisha received several comments from users who also had questions for her. Many users said the job itself was too tough for them, which Nisha replied to and said the job isn’t for everyone.

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Other users asked how long it would take them to make the coins Nisha makes after the program, and discussed her demanding schedule. In her comments, one user said being a Cath Lab Tech wasn’t for her because she wanted “a life.”

Nisha replied to the commenter by showing that she does, in fact, have a life and is living it abundantly by traveling and going to see Beyoncé in Amsterdam. If that doesn’t sound like #lifegoals, I don’t know what does!

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