TikToker Says She Was Banned From Using Uber Ears Because of Her Medical Condition

Katherine Stinson - Author

May 8 2023, Published 7:01 p.m. ET

A woman orders food from her smart phone
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Life with food allergies can be a challenge when you're eating out or trying to order food from popular food delivery apps like, let's say, Uber Eats.

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A woman on TikTok claimed that Uber Eats essentially banned her because of her medical condition that leaves her with severe food allergies.

What happened? Here's what we know.

TikTok user @demon.dog.duo, or Erykah, who says she got banned from Uber Eats because of her medical condition, pictured with her service dog in a grocery store
Source: TikTok/@demon.dog.duo
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A woman on TikTok said she was banned from using Uber Eats — basically thanks to her medical condition.

The TikToker behind the account @demon.dog.duo explained in a TikTok that she has mast cell activation syndrome, which, as she notes in layman's terms, basically means she's allergic to a lot of foods.

In a series of videos, the TikToker — whose name is Erykah — explained a situation in which she was seemingly banned from using Uber Eats.

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Given that she works from home, Erykah orders food from Uber Eats frequently. However, she began to notice that several of her Uber Eats food orders were wrong.

She requested refunds for the orders, given that they contained ingredients that she couldn't ingest without suffering an allergic reaction.

According to her TikToks, she tried to make it very clear to Uber Eats that she was requesting refunds because she didn't get what she ordered and she couldn't eat what she received due to her medical condition.

However, she got an email noting that she was flagged as requesting too many refunds in the Uber Eats system.

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Erykah said she gave the company a call, and that a helpful Uber Eats employee reassured her that her account was fine and that she wasn't doing anything wrong. She continued to order from Uber Eats and several orders were fine, until she attempted to order a plain burger from Burger King.

She knew that she was allergic to cheese and ketchup, so she made sure to order a plain burger for that very reason. However, when she got the burger, it was covered in cheese and ketchup.

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Erykah reported it as usual. After all, she couldn't just take ingredients off the burger and eat it. As Erykah joked: "Having to use an EpiPen during a work shift just isn't convenient." (FYI — an EpiPen is basically adrenaline that reverses an allergic reaction. Typically you're supposed to go to the ER afterward too.)

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She then got a notification about not being eligible for a refund — despite being told days earlier that there were no restrictions on her account and that she hadn't done anything wrong.

But she wasn't even concerned about a refund for the burger; she just wanted to see if she could get it swapped out for what she actually ordered.

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She spoke to Uber support via messenger and tried to make it very clear to that she had documented everything properly and she wasn't trying to scam anyone. She was also still confused why there was a restriction on her account, despite being told days earlier that there wasn't.

The support team couldn't help her, so she called the safety team. They told her there was nothing they could do except send her to a specialty team that would contact her within 48 hours, but that apparently didn't happen.

Eventually the exposure that her videos got on TikTok seemingly led to an Uber support team member reaching out to tell her that her account was adjusted on the back end.

But Erykah noted that she wasn't the only one with food allergies, and that the company should learn from her situation and do better for their customers.

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