A Woman Sees Her Boyfriend Cheating on a Cruise Ship Camera — the Drama Unfolds on TikTok

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Mar. 28 2023, Published 6:49 p.m. ET

It can be difficult to catch signs that your romantic partner is cheating on you. Plenty of dating guides will offer their own suggestions as to whether or not a lover is being unfaithful to you, but even then, there's never truly a surefire way for someone to make that claim without hard evidence or at least an incriminating scenario. We're not here to offer you ways to detect a cheater, but if you happen to be on a cruise with a partner, you may want to take a lesson from Kayla Gardner on TikTok.

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Kayla, who goes by the handle @kayla.nicole.g on TikTok, is an influncer who posts plenty of modeling videos, personal life tips, and footage of some glamorous vacations. While the sights she takes in on a regular basis could be enviable, she was recently on a cruise getaway that may have ended with a bit of a relationship scandal.

This woman supposedly caught her boyfriend cheating on her by watching cruise ship camera footage. She recounts the drama on TikTok, and the story is still ongoing.

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This woman sees her boyfriend cheating on her via a cruise ship camera.

Kayla recently posted several videos of her on a cruise with her friends and boyfriend. She's posted plenty of vacation videos of herself visiting places like Disney World, so for all intents and purposes, this would have simply been more content for her to share with her 494,000+ followers.

However, the drama ramps up to 11 in a maritime scandal that might give Below Deck a run for its money.

In case you aren't aware, there are channels on some cruise TVs that allow passengers to watch a live feed of each deck of the ship. While it's likely supposed to be there for passengers to check out the traffic on board or at least get a view of everyone's fun in the sun, Kayla caught a far less enjoyable sight.

After her friend flipped on to the live feeds, they had caught Kayla's boyfriend on the deck supposedly flirting with another woman.

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According to Kayla in an introductory TikTok, she was told by her BF that he was going to get food, while she stayed behind in the cabin with her friend. However, he was later spotted on the cruise cameras flirting with another woman and "putting his arm around her."

Her friend recorded Kayla watching the whole thing. At a certain point, it even looks like they exchange phone numbers.

The drama has captured TikTok's attention, the commenters begging for more details on the story.

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As if to tease the audience she's generated over catching her boyfriend in the act, Kayla later vague-posted in another video on the cruise that shows boat security arriving on the ship shortly following the incident. She did not explain why they had arrived.

As of this writing, the story is still unfinished. While she's shared plenty of exciting videos about the event, she's been tight-lipped on how the whole thing ends.

In her most recent TikTok posted on March 28, Kayla responded to a commenter who suggested that her boyfriend's actions are subjective and don't necessarily indicate that he's cheating. She passionately argues against this, claiming that there were plenty of red flags.

"To me, lying about where you're going, putting your arm around another woman, talking to her alone [and] flirting with her is considered cheating," she declared. "I don't need to see them do the hanky-panky to know that some foul play is afoot."

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