"The Other Pieces Just Magically Showed Up" — Woman Shows Reformation Dressing Room

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Aug. 16 2023, Published 10:59 a.m. ET

Most folks would agree that trying on new clothes is the best part of the shopping process. You can check out new trends and possibly give your wardrobe a seasonal upgrade. However, standard dressing rooms typically come with disheveled rooms and left-behind clothing. Not to mention, some rooms can be a bit untidy.

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That said, as the retail world evolves and stores are looking for ways to attract in-store customers, many brands are going out of their way to make the shopping experience a memorable one. So, when one woman took to TikTok to show off a Reformation dressing room, folks were stunned to see the video. Here’s the scoop.

Women in a clothing store
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A woman shows off a Reformation dressing room.

Some retailers may need to step their game up. In an Aug. 4, 2023, TikTok video, creator A (@wamyy5) shared a video of her experience in a Reformation dressing room.

“The COOLEST dressing room ever omg,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, A shares her excitement about being in the Reformation dressing room for the first time.

“This is my first time in a Reformation dressing room and bro, it’s insane,” A said.

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"This is what I wore today,” A said while showing off her black dress, messenger bag, and sandals. “And this is the mirror, but it’s also the door.”

“You turn around and you see this cute stool and the screen — we’ll go to that later,” A said while showing a monitor. “You might wonder where are all of my clothes I’m going to try on?”

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A then opens a brown wardrobe that contains a few dresses she is interested in trying on.

“These are the dresses I asked for and they just got them in my size and if I wanted to order more clothes and more sizes, I just clicked some things,” A said as she used the monitor.

“Oops oh man, I didn’t mean to order that so quickly,” A said as the monitor said that her choices would be delivered soon. “I thought there was going to be a confirmation button. I haven’t left my dressing room this whole time and the other pieces just magically showed up.”

A then started to question if there was a trap door since her clothes are appearing in the wardrobe without her having to go out and get them.

The video ended with A saying that she will start to try on her selected dresses.

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TikTok users are impressed with the Reformation dressing room.

As we mentioned above, traditional rooms don’t contain the bells and whistles that technology has to offer. So, once TikTok users saw A’s experience in a Reformation dressing room, they were impressed.

“This is the kind of shopping experience I want everywhere,” one person said.

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“As someone who worked in retail, this would be an absolute dream. It just displays out then everything stays neat in the back” one user said.

“As an introvert, I love this concept,” one person shared.

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While most folks were intrigued by the dressing room, some folks were surprised at the prices of the clothing.

“$384 FOR SOME JEANS? Are y’all not seeing this?” one person questioned.

"Yeah if I'm buying some $350 jeans they better magically appear," a user chimed in.

“This is out of my tax bracket,” another person said.

Truth be told, Reformation has outdone itself with its dressing room concept. And since it seems to be a hit among shoppers and social media users, we can expect other retailers to follow suit in the future.

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