Woman Working 3 Jobs Says She's "Drowning Financially" and Is in Credit Card Debt

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 2 2024, Published 4:21 p.m. ET

Actor and multi-hyphenate Keke Palmer shared on X, formerly Twitter, how important it is for those in the entertainment industry to have multiple side hustles they're navigating at a time. Keke's tweet explained that side hustles are "necessary and the only way to create a sense of personal power in the workplace." She then added, "It would be nice to have one job, but I feel like depending on one source of income leaves you with zero autonomy.”

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Unsurprisingly, Keke's tweet went viral, as many adults, namely millennials, could relate to her message. However, while many millennials have already adopted Miss "Keep a Bag's" mindset, few can still live comfortably, even though they're working well over 40 hours a week.

On TikTok, one woman explained how she routinely struggles financially, no matter how hard she tries. The woman said her three jobs haven't made up for the fact that there's no easy way to support yourself as a single millennial.

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A woman frustrated at work
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Woman feels like she's "drowning financially" as a single person with 3 jobs.

While many millennials have slowly come to grips with the fact that the "American Dream" set before us is dead and gone, it doesn't mean we're prepared to struggle our entire lives. Ideally, most of us would like one, maybe two jobs highlighting our passions and skills while providing enough money for us to actually enjoy the things we work hard for and to not make working our personality. It's really that simple.

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Unfortunately, most millennials don't have the funds or the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. One would think a person with multiple streams of income isn't riddled in debt, but, in December 2023, TikTok user Jourdan Skirha (@jourdskir) revealed that, even with three jobs, she constantly feel like she's "drowning financially."

While recording her TikTok in her car, Jourdan said her three jobs aren't helping her escape debt as a single woman who lives alone. Jourdan explained that, even with the checks coming in, she finds herself going "farther and farther into credit card debt" every month to make ends meet after paying the first of the month bills.

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Source: TikTok | @jourdskir

Jourdan added that, of all of her jobs, two of them are "barely" getting her by, and the third one may or may not pay her on time. She also said she considered leaving her full-time job to work in the service industry, where she could use her "personality" to get more money than she would working a minimum wage or entry-level job.

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The frustrated millennial further added that she has run out of options to live comfortably outside of getting a boyfriend to help with the bills, something she immediately scoffed at. Jourdan also said her financial situation is forcing her to avoid social gatherings like weddings or bachelorette parties because, when it comes to additional expenses, "I just f------ can't."

"Is it anyone else? Or am I just a dumb b---- with money?" Jourdan asked. "Cause I know I used to not be. My credit used to be f------ phenomenal. Credit card bill? I paid it all off every single time. It's not like that. It can't be like that anymore."

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A TikTok commenter on Jourdan's post
Source: TikTok/@jourdskir

Those watching Jourdan's TikTok rant sympathized with her financial hardships.

After publicly discussing how challenging it is being a single woman in her late twenties in this economy can be, Jourdan said ranting on TikTok made her feel "better" about the situation. She also ended her video by again asking if she's the only one her age whose brain seemingly turns to mush once the topic of money comes up.

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As a millennial, I appreciate Jourdan being candid about what life is like for most adults in the age range trying to get by. However, like single people, millennial couples and families are surely feeling the struggle, even after "splitting bills" as Jourdan mentioned. I hope that through conversations like Jourdan's we can all accept that no one has all of the answers in terms of finances, and the best we can do is support and learn from one another.

Following her post, many single millennials let Jourdan know she wasn't alone in being overwhelmed by bills, despite making five, even six figures. Several professionals encouraged Jourdan to "stay strong," though no one was hopeful of when they would stop struggling.

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"32, living on my own, make 6 figures and I’m still living paycheck to paycheck," one commenter admitted. "Balance transfers save me on credit card debt."

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"I feel you," a second commenter said. "I’m 32, work in finance making decent money. No kids. No luxury apartment and I live paycheck to paycheck. You’re not alone. Stay strong."

"I'm 27 and a lawyer and I genuinely cannot catch up," a third user wrote. "It’s never enough. I don’t understand."

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Of course, multiple commenters bashed Jourdan for sharing her truth about her financial hardships. Several comments suggested Jourdan refrain from spending money on her nails and hair to avoid falling short on money at the end of the month. Hopefully, Jourdan rolls her eyes to those comments, as I did.

The people watching her video don't know how much she pays for her nails, if she does them herself, or if someone got her nails done for her as a treat. And, even if she didn't, it's gross to shame her for possibly treating herself after working THREE different jobs. Do better, TikTok!

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