This Woman Is Furious Because Her Husband Didn't Leave Their House to Her in His Will

In a viral post, a woman said she is furious because her husband is leaving their house to his daughter in his will. Read on for more details.

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Aug. 28 2023, Published 5:21 p.m. ET

On Aug. 15, 2023, a woman took to the wildly popular "Am I the A------" (AITA) subreddit to explain a recent argument she had with her husband — and it's safe to say things got heated very quickly.

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The original poster, who goes by the handle u/ZealousidealCow1669, revealed that she's upset because her husband, who is 18 years her senior, is planning to leave their home to his 30-year-old daughter from his first marriage.

Read on for more details. Plus, stick around to hear what the internet has to say.

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A woman is upset that her stepdaughter will be inheriting her house.

After the OP's husband's retirement party, it came time to discuss wills and inheritance. He "blindsided and shocked" the OP, telling her that he's leaving their house to his daughter.

"I am aware that due to our significant age difference, I will [most] likely outlive my husband by many years and will probably have to spend the last decades of my life alone," the OP explained. "So I was really upset but also angry to learn I will most likely be kicked out of our house after my husband's death and left homeless."

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Redditor u/ZealousidealCow1669 is upset with her husband because he's leaving their home to his daughter from his first marriage.
Source: Reddit / u/ZealousidealCow1669

The OP's husband informed her that the house belonged to his late wife, who inherited it from her parents — so the OP "couldn't possibly expect him not to leave his house to their daughter."

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"I replied that the house now belongs to him, and as his wife, I have a right to my marital home, and it's not fair that I will be kicked out of our home after I spent so much time and effort redecorating it," the OP penned, adding, "I am a housewife and have nowhere else to go, he has an obligation to ensure my financial safety after his death."

The husband reassured the OP that she shouldn't be poor after his death because she is the sole beneficiary of his life insurance. He added that any of his savings left would be equally divided between her and his daughter.

Sadly, this wasn't a good enough solution. The OP told her husband that the money won't be enough for her to survive the rest of her life, especially since he plans to go on expensive cruises and holidays for the rest of his retirement.

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This led to a very heated argument, with the OP and her husband yelling at each other. She told him he was "s------- me over after everything I have done for him, after I gave up my job and my career for him to look after our home."

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The OP's husband clapped back, claiming that he "never asked me to become a housewife and it was completely my own choice." He added that the OP "knew the risks and benefits and made an informed choice, and he will be leaving a reasonable inheritance, and if I am not happy with it, I should go back to work."

By the end of the fight, the OP was "so enraged and in tears" that she locked herself in the guest bedroom.

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As expected, Reddit unanimously agreed that the OP is the wrongdoer (and that this post is most likely fake AF).

"IT IS NOT YOUR HOUSE," one Redditor shared. "And 47 is NOT too old to go back to work. Heck, I know people who change careers at that age. So stop with your excuses. Of course, this also reads like it's fake. So my response above is only for reality and not rage bait which this looks like."

Another replied, "She easily can go work, she doesn't want to! I am guessing it is fake because, according to her, the 'contributions' she makes are looking good for him and redecorating the house?! They have someone who cooks in the morning and cleans the house. This is ridiculous. Also, the fact this dude is only 65, and she's already planning on his death and her inheritance is quite disturbing."

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