Woman Shares PSA About the Dangers of Driving While Wearing a Claw Clip

Haylee Thorson - Author

May 16 2023, Published 1:02 p.m. ET

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Claw clips are back in a big way. But did you know that they can be potentially fatal? The seemingly simple hair accessory is beloved for its straightforward nature and sophisticated appearance. However, one TikTok creator shared the dangers of wear a claw clip while driving.

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@arielleelonys, better known as Arielle Elonys, posted a viral video about a devastating injury from a car accident that could have been prevented had she chosen not to don a claw clip that day. And other creators in the comment section shared similar stories. Here’s what happened.

TikTok creator @arielleelonys shares photos from her car accident injury
Source: TikTok/@arielleelonys
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A woman warned the public about wearing claw clips in their hair while in the car.

In her video, which garnered over 1 million views, Arielle got candid about how wearing a claw clip while driving led to a severe injury.

“This may be one of the most important videos you watch in a while,” the creator prefaced. “This information would have changed my life if I had it six months ago.”

In November 2022, Arielle got into a horrific car crash that broke her back in three places. She mentioned that she had been wearing a claw clip in her hair and held up the mangled hair accessory for reference.

“Because [the claw clip] prevented my head from going back when the airbag hit me, my upper back broke — almost on my cervical spine — in three places.”

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The creator expressed gratitude that the hair accessory didn’t become embedded in her head. But she noted that others have unfortunately experienced that phenomenon and needed the clips surgically removed from their skulls.

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“If you drive with a claw clip, please stop,” Arielle urged. “You could break your back. You could get head damage. There are so many things.” She was also shocked that the clip didn’t shatter upon impact.

“You’d think this would break,” the creator exclaimed. “It didn’t. But I broke.”

The comment section expressed shock over the creator’s claw clip car accident story.

With so many individuals sporting claw clips regularly, you can imagine the astonishment Arielle’s story prompted. “I’ll never drive with a claw clip again,” one user promised.

Others warned that passengers should also heed the creator’s PSA. “Driver or passenger!” someone pointed out. “I saw a similar post and have since stopped wearing them out of the house.”

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And driving while wearing a claw clip seemingly isn’t the only dangerous activity. Another creator commented that they wore the popular hair accessory while horseback riding and landed on their claw clip when unexpectedly thrown off. “My neck has not been the same since,” they revealed.

While Arielle’s anecdote was undoubtedly serious, one user couldn’t help but joke about her claw clip’s durability. “Can they make the whole car out of whatever the claw clip is made of?” an individual quipped.

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