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Source: reddit

20 Misunderstandings of Words That Led to Hilarious Misspellings


You know that phenomenon where you have only ever seen a word written down and so when you go to say it aloud you completely bungle the pronunciation? There has to be a word for that, and maybe there is but we're all just too embarrassed to try to pronounce it for the first time.

Well, sometimes the opposite can happen. You'll hear a word or phrase all the time but maybe you've never seen it written down — so you try to guess at the spelling. Or perhaps you've completely misunderstood what you heard, and instead write down what you heard. There is definitely a word for that: malapropism. And here are 20 unintentionally hilarious cases of people revealing their word misunderstandings.

1. I would hope all doctors advise against that.

Source: reddit

If I were the person asking this shellfish-averse individual out to dinner, I think I'd have to rescind the invitation after learning that they had been walking around thinking the word "crustacean" actually is "crushed Asians." Then again, I'd love the opportunity to sit down with them long enough to get the story from them on how this made sense to them. Do they think all sea animals with exoskeletons are Asian in origin and... smushed in some way?