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People Share the Weirdest Photos of Themselves They'll Never Delete from Their Phones



You know how when someone asks to see a picture on your phone and then grabs it out of your hands, you freak out because if they start scrolling, they're going to see something weird? No? Just me? Come on, we all have a silly photo of ourselves that we keep because it makes us laugh but that we'd never show to the rest of the world... unless they asked, of course. 

These are those pictures. Twitter user Brayden Bauer asked people to share the picture of themselves they have on their phone they'll never delete, despite it being so extremely dumb. Brayden started it off. And then the rest of the internet delivered.  


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Brayden's picture is so perfect because he's recreating that woman's position to a T, which just illustrates how insane and unnatural it is! No one stands like that! Or smiles like that! Everything about that poster is terrible! But everything about Brayden's face is priceless.

Wiggly legs

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Warped photos like this are never not funny. As Serena points out in her tweet, she looks exactly like one of those inflatable dudes from a car dealership. But if I'm being honest, the best part of this photo is Serena's dad in the back, innocently trying to skim the pool and getting a booty he never asked for.

The Leaning Tower of the Colosseum


There are many layers to this photo that make it super funny. You see, he's doing the traditional pose that tourists do when they visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but that's not the tower of Pisa at all! That's the Colosseum! Same country, different famous landmark. 

La Tour Eiffel

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Another hilarious photo in front of a famous European landmark that misses the mark in all the right ways. I'm sorry, but the combination of the extreme close-up of her very excited face and the amount by which her finger is off of the tip of the Eiffel Tower is hilarious.


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The sign? Perfect. The pose? Even more perfect. His outfit? On point. The face he's making? There has never been a more perfect image in the history of photography. It makes me so uncomfortable that I want to look away, and yet I cannot. 

Lord Farquaad


But seriously, what is going on with her hair that she looks exactly like Lord Farquaad, the villain from Shrek? Maybe she's wearing a pony tail and the sides have just started spilling out? Whatever's going on, I love it and I never want it to stop. 

Face swap


Face swaps are never not funny, and this one, of a dad and his poor son, is no exception. The kid now looks like Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook from Hook. Just look at the picture for a split second and tell me I'm wrong! I dare you!

Dog swap

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This is both completely hilarious and totally unnerving. Obviously, the face swap app mis-identified the pup's chest as his face, and now this looks like a picture of a dog with a ghost woman inside next to a demon creature from hell!

Peanut butter jelly time

Source: Twitter

According to this Twitter user, she has had this meme she made of herself since 2012. That's a long time! And honestly, worth it. This should be in a museum. The internet used to be such a pleasant and innocent place.

Tinky Winky

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The Teletubbies are creepy enough without your face being warped with a filter like that, but also, this photo made me snort laughing, so what do I know? I think my favorite thing about this photo is that Tinky Winky's triangle is sort of sagging and the helmet is all wrinkly. 

Post Malone

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OK, I cackled. Post Malone is one of the most, um, distinct-looking dudes on the planet, and she completely nailed it, down to the scraggly neck beard. It's just perfect in every way. I can't believe Post Malone is a human being who actually exists.

Dino profile

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The resemblance is astounding. Seriously, I think this woman should do this for a job. She should professionally recreate the profiles of dinosaurs and other hilarious mini golf or amusement park characters. I think she'd do amazing work at Disneyland.

Oh yeah!

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Who put that mannequin in that position?! I guess he really loves America and is losing it over that lobster he's grilling for his 4th of July picnic. This woman not only nailed the position, but the face too! Why does the mannequin look like he's yelling?! Who makes mannequins like that?!

Just do it

Source: Twitter

I don't think that when Nike says, "Just do it," this is what they mean. However, I think it would be so funny if she really drew the Nike symbol as both of her eyebrows, and then went about her day as if everything was totally normal. I would pay to watch people react to her when they see her.

Too many sombreros

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I don't for sure know the whole story behind this photo, but I have a feeling it involves a lot of alcohol. I don't know why I think that. Just a hunch. No one ends up shrouded in sombreros if they're 100 percent sober.


Source: Twitter

Ella captioned this photo with this perfect lyric from The Lion King: "When I was a young warthog!" I'm very curious about where she is and if she just found those wild hog tusks lying in that field. Like, where is she?!

New perspective

Source: Twitter

I barely understand what's going on here, but I think we have an acrobat on our hands. This is an insanely angled picture that I can't stop looking at, but also I think he might be naked in it, which is making me uncomfortable. 


Source: Twitter

I don't blame Caroline for saving this photo of her dressed up as Him from Powerpuff Girls. She did an incredible job and should be very proud of this costume. Honestly, if I was Caroline, this would be the first thing I showed people on dates.

Bath time

Source: Twitter

I really can't figure out what is going on in this photo. It seems like maybe somebody used way too much bubble bath and things got out of control. The girl in the bathtub looks totally helpless, like she's completely lost control of the situation, and there's someone off to the side who looks like they're trying to fix it. It's epic.

Coughing cat

Source: Twitter

OK, obviously this isn't a picture of the person who tweeted it. Either that or this is one tech savvy cat. But this photo is so funny that I had to include it in this list. This looks unreal. Too funny. I didn't even know cats faces could bend into that position. 

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