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15 Hilarious Texts from Pregnant Women Who Are Feeling All the Feels


Pregnancy does things to a person. Between the cravings and the discomfort alone, it's a nightmare. I feel like pregnant people should be given so much more credit on a consistent daily basis. Creating life is hard! The struggle bus that is being pregnant is very evident in these hilarious texts from people who, despite growing a human inside of them, still manage to be hilarious. I don't know how they do it. But they deserve the world.

Source: Instagram

Here is the thing. You may laugh at this text. It may have a grinning face emoji at the end. But I don't think she is kidding. At all. I really believe if you walk in that door without poutine, you are getting a kick in the shin. When pregnant people have cravings, they really have cravings. I have not been pregnant, but I am already swayed by the food I see on commercials. So I just know that if I ever get pregnant, I will be a nightmare when it comes to food cravings.