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Source: Facebook / Reddit

15 Home Designs That Are a Real Estate Agent's Nightmare


Vanessa Van Winkle is a real estate agent, so she sees a lot of homes. And not all of them are well-designed...or even make the slightest bit of sense. Vanessa recently shared some of the photos she and other agents have taken of the most bizarre, badly-designed houses they've ever seen, and Reddit is chock full of them, too. These are some of the most bonkers design decisions that have ever been made in houses. 


Who? What? Why? Those are just some of the questions I have about this bathroom. The toilet is fuzzy. The toilet! It even looks like the seat, the actual place where you put your bum, is carpeted. And don't get me started on that print. It's like your grandmother's garden threw up in here. The most appalling thing about this is that several people were probably involved in ideating and building this bathroom.