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Drive-Thru Workers Share the Weirdest Things They've Ever Seen in People's Cars


Drive-thru workers see all manner of people passing through their pick-up window. It makes sense that they would see some strange things in their time. Luckily, someone realized that and asked the drive-thru workers of Reddit to share their stories. And oh boy, did they deliver. 

Source: iStock Photo

Many drive-thru workers on Reddit described the strange animals they'd seen in cars that passed through. S2A9 saw someone drive through with a baby kangaroo. And it's not like this was in Australia or something. It was New England. It was, and I cannot stress this enough, not normal to see a baby kangaroo riding in the passenger's seat of someone's car. Apparently, it "caused quite a clamor." As it should! Baby kangaroos are adorable!