Drive-Thru Workers Share the Weirdest Things They've Ever Seen in People's Cars



Drive-thru workers see all manner of people passing through their pick-up window. It makes sense that they would see some strange things in their time. Luckily, someone realized that and asked the drive-thru workers of Reddit to share their stories. And oh boy, did they deliver. 

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Many drive-thru workers on Reddit described the strange animals they'd seen in cars that passed through. S2A9 saw someone drive through with a baby kangaroo. And it's not like this was in Australia or something. It was New England. It was, and I cannot stress this enough, not normal to see a baby kangaroo riding in the passenger's seat of someone's car. Apparently, it "caused quite a clamor." As it should! Baby kangaroos are adorable!

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Youcantsaynotopizza saw "a lizard chilling on someone's dashboard being fed veggies." That lizard sounds like it was really living the life, you know?! 

Someone else saw a guy come through Dunkin Donuts drive-thru window with a falcon in the passenger's seat. It's a little-known fact that falcons love Bavarian cremes. Yet another person saw a tortoise so large it took up the whole seat. People are really weird!

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But the weirdest of all the animal people, as we know, are bird people. Regularbohemian once saw a women who came through with no passenger seat. "It had been pulled out, and in its place hung a giant metal ring with an enormous cockatoo sitting on it." That's right. She had a ring installed in her car for her bird.

But I think my favorite weird animal story comes from Darth Vapar: "When I was working at McDonald's, one time a woman pulled up with three monkeys and ordered them each an ice cream cone." Incredible.

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While working at a drive-thru Starbucks, jchanceh9lol had a strange encounter with a man who pulled up in a car filled with boxes. The guy said they contained flashlights and the driver offered them some. When they got off of work, there were five boxes, each filled with 20 brand new flashlights, sitting by their car. Still in the packaging. Most people on Reddit were in agreement that this man definitely stole those flashlights and then tried to pawn them off on an innocent drive-thru worker.

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People see especially weird things while working the drive-thru window at night. When ratchmond's mom was working at Burger King as a teen, she said that a man used to come through pretty regularly almost completely naked, save for black see-through stockings. That's quite an image to put in someone's head without warning. I cannot imagine having actually witnessed it. Holy moly.

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Occasionally, drive-thru workers are subject to strange things and only get the explanation way after it happens. Jamie654321 was working at a drive-thru when a man pulled up with a grownup woman in the back seat wearing PJs, a bib, and a pacifier. She was crying her eyes out, and the man asked for "extra napkins for the 'baby in the back.'" Obviously, Jamie was incredibly confused.

Only six months later did they learn that this was a fairly common scavenger hunt item, to "go through a drive thru with an adult dressed as a baby in the back."

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I didn't even think about the people who work at drive-thru car washes and the crazy things they must see, but RTinoo is one of those people. One woman drove into the car wash with an entire bucket of KFC mashed potatoes stuck to her window. They didn't ask questions; they just cleaned it off. But I want to know everything. Did someone who happened to be carrying mashed potatoes get mad at her? Was it an accident from someone eating mashed potatoes over and underpass? The possibilities are endless!

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With the advent of tinted windows, working at a drive-thru became that much more unpredictable. AttractiveHombre had a car come through one night that was a total mystery. They could hear the bass coming from a "really expensive looking Jeep with those blue under lights." I know. Seems like a recipe for disaster. But what they say when that car rolled down the window...well, it wasn't what you'd expect.

It was "four guys dressed completely like the Blue Man Group, music blaring, they didn't say anything." Super weird.

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There is quite the story behind this chicken purse. Rubyheart_1922 complimented a woman on her chicken purse, which looked exactly like the one in the photo. That's when the woman says, "Hold on!" gets out of the car, and grabs another chicken purse, identical to the one she was holding, and gave it to Ruby. She said she'd been "waiting for the right person to give this to." This picture is the actual chicken purse that Ruby was gifted. 

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Some old ladies are just kind of crazy! Pedo-speedo once saw a woman drive through with her mother in the passenger seat. Her mother was eating spoonfuls of sugar right out of the packet, like some sort of alien bug from Men in Black

Yet another person, jgoncal1, had a woman drive through and only order water. I think that's weird enough, but apparently that's not too unusual. What was unusual was that she used the water to water her large basil plant, which was seatbelt-ed into the passenger seat.

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Pm_me_nothing once served an entire funeral procession, hearse and all, plus friends and family who were driving behind it. "They said the guy in the coffin always enjoyed McDonald's, so it was his final wish to visit one more time." I hope it wasn't McDonald's that finally did him in.

Also, you can just admit to being hungry at a funeral, people. That's fine. You don't have to make up that final wish nonsense.

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The DQ Grill and Chill was apparently a hotbed of weird activity, according to NerveGasJustSayTWord. "In order of weirdest things I've seen in a car," they wrote, "a chimpanzee holding a raccoon in the passenger seat, a horse serving as the 'vehicle' through drive thru, a woman with three very lifelike dolls strapped into child seats in the back, an inflatable sex doll, and a parrot." Wow. They really have seen it all.

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NeedsMoreTuba saw a guy drive through with a giant, industrial-sized bag of tortilla chips. Because they needed more information about this, obviously, they asked him where he was going to get enough salsa for all those chips. The guy explained that the Mexican restaurant next door was getting rid of them and he asked if he could have them "because he was stoned and it seemed like a good idea at the time."

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This one might not be the weirdest, but it is most definitely the cutest. Kilowatkins says one of the women who drive through has "the largest, brownest dog I have ever seen (a Newfoundland)," and from a distance, they thought she legitimately had a bear in the car. I believe this! I've grown up with Newfoundlands my whole life. In addition to being the biggest, hairiest, slobberiest dogs in the world, they also really do look like bears. 

When we'd take our Newfie for walks in the woods, we'd make her wear a bright orange vest so hunters didn't shoot her thinking she was a bear. The comparison is real.

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Last but certainly not least, Treypyro saw a pregnant woman in labor, driving herself through the drive-thru on her way to the hospital because she really wanted a burger, fries, and soda before she gave birth. No joke. She was having contractions and everything, and she was completely alone, but she really needed that burger before she went to the hospital and popped a baby out. So she got that burger, because she is a hero. 

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