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Source: Reddit

14 People Who Should Never Be Allowed in Restaurants

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jun. 28 2019, Updated 4:09 p.m. ET

Nearly everyone knows how to act in a restaurant. There is a certain unspoken social code that we all naturally adhere to because we are considerate and upstanding members of the human race. We clean up after ourselves at self-service places. We tip our servers generously. At the bare minimum, we wear clothes. 

These are the things that the restaurant heathens shown here haven't grasped. These people are so bad at being in public spaces, especially ones in which other people are trying to eat, that they should be banned from all restaurants forever.

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Too pet-friendly

I am the biggest dog person in the world. If I could, I would make the entire world dog-friendly. Dogs are the absolute best creatures on the planet. I have one cuddled up next to me as I type this. But for the love of all that is holy, do not let your dogs on the table at a restaurant for humans. These dummies are giving dog people a bad name and likely ruining it for all the other considerate pet owners who would like to bring their dogs to restaurants.

Big tipper

OK, I'll just say it: These are monster people. This is some weird power trip mind game that I do not appreciate at all, and I am not even a restaurant server! Servers deal with way too much to have to cater to these evil human experimenters. Also, there's no way five dollars was a generous tip for a meal at a restaurant that serves you baskets of bread. There's so much wrong with this post I cannot even.

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Forgotten drugs

Whoops! Here is a little tip for you, free of charge: If you have drugs on you, that's maybe not the best time to go out in public, especially if you are prone to losing things. If you so much as left this little baggie of meth along with a receipt, you would be totally screwed! 

But now I'm imagining someone responding to this post like, "OMG! Thank you soooooo much, I had no idea where it went! LOL you are such a life saver! Lemme know when's a good time to come pick it up!"

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A tornado of garbage

This is shocking and disgusting and so disrespectful. I don't care if it's a fast food restaurant. Pick up your garbage after you're done! How does it even end up on the floor like that?! This is insane. And that poor guy sitting in the back looks completely traumatized. 

I feel pretty confident saying that whoever left all this garbage was also probably loud and obnoxious while they were in the restaurant eating. 

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Barefoot in the booth

Why is it so hard for people to keep their shoes on in public spaces?! Not only is it gross for all of us who have to look at her bare feet while we're trying to chow down, but it can't be clean for her, either. Restaurant floors aren't your home. They're covered in germs that other people have trekked in from literally all over the place! I would not put my bare feet on the floor or the booth of a restaurant, and neither should you.

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