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Source: istock

Why You Should Always Take a Copy of Your Restaurant Receipt


A common restaurant scam has people saving their receipts.

As time progresses, a totally "paperless" reality seems imminent, so holding on to physical "receipts" and copies of documents seems more and more prehistoric as time progresses.

In fact, there's a huge petition for driver's licenses to appear on people's cell phones in the form of an app through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

While the question of identity protection in the digital sphere is an ongoing conversation, industrialized nations have all but moved to completely electronic modes of paying for goods and services. How much does it stink when you go to a spot and they only accept cash?

Personally, I use my credit card for just about everything. They're more secure and have way better insurance/fraud protection than debit cards.

Also, once you use cash, it's gone forever. You might think your debit card is secure, but try contesting the charges on a debit card. Banks usually don't refund your money right away, but if you use a credit card and get scammed, you can lodge a complaint (American Express is amazing with this) and you've still got your cash in your bank account for emergencies.

But for a very common restaurant scam, you may need documentation, as redditor u/Ryan_77 suggests.