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30+ World War 3 Memes to Troll Your "Woke" Friends Who Actually Think It's Happening



It seems that world governments just can't get enough of meddling in one another's affairs, and the United States has been known to kill a foreign leader or two for some "real" reason that folks all over the world just love to speculate about and argue over.

Thanks to internet culture, however, we can turn anything into memes, even the mounting fervor that the latest assassination of an Iranian general who had alleged ties to terrorist groups will cause World War 3.

1. It's all in the hips.

Maybe take the weird lady at the farmer's market up on her belly dancing lessons offer.

2. Plead the fifth.

It probably won't work but it's worth a shot.

3. James Franco's face here is amazing.

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It even makes the hypothetical hysteria surrounding another global war enjoyable.

4. It's the perfect distraction.

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Unless they start shipping spacecrafts out of there to engage in the conflict.

5. Australia really is facing a huge crisis right now.

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But at least we can joke about it with a Mandalorian themed meme.

6. There's a lot to process here.

This is peak meme randomness at its most random.

7. So wrong on so many levels.

Besides, there's no way that Adolph can dance like that.

8. Call of Duty: Karen Warfare

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Can't wait for this new DLC to come out, it's going to be amazing.

9. Florida man is a formidable foe.

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Imagine what we could accomplish with three of them?!

10. Have to dip, sorry.

I wish it was that easy to exit awkward situations.

11. More like World War Yeet.

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There's definitely a scene in Family Guy about this.

12. So happy my kill death ratio stinks.

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And that I mostly play old school NES games.

13. World War 3: 'Friends' edition.

I love whoever made this.

14. In all seriousness, a war really isn't going to break out.

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And if it does we'll do combat by memes, whichever country can make better jokes wins.

15. How many times do I have to say it!

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Disable your bluetooth when you aren't using it!

16. Look how overjoyed he is.

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I also like how he's really into zero carb Monster energy drinks.

17. I need to know the true story behind this photo.

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Mostly because if we do get drafted, I want us to invade as an army of cockroaches.

18. Well this is awkward.

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"Yeah but that was three months ago and I didn't upload the video of me rolling my shoulder."

19. Wait, but...that's not the kind draft I was talking about...

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The military has a basketball team, doesn't it?

20. It's a fool proof solution.

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Definitely dodging the draft like that.

21. FAFSA's selective service...yeah.

I mean who actually reads the fine print on those things?

22. We're in the darkest timeline.

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Here's hoping the history books only select the finest memes.

23. I hear Turkmenistan is nice this time of year.

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On the plus side, if your location is on no one will know if you're creeping around or not.

24. Where's the respawn point?

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Oh? There aren't any? Whack.

25. Neutral bastards had the right idea.

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"Hey Siri, how do I become a Swiss citizen?"

26. Why is Oscar the Grouch in the background?

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I guess I'd be a grumpy dumpster diver if I ever got drafted to fight in a war.

27. This is almost as amazing...

Source: Instagram her contouring abilities. Wow.

28. "Who's Mommy's little soldier?"

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"Come back in one piece now."

29. *Hits blunt.*

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"Yoooo, that's true."

30. The unofficial song of the US military.

On the real though, hearing that right before you get bombs dropped on you would be horrifying.

31. "Why was Grandpa a dog?"

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Then again, who knows what they're going to be into 49 years from now.

32. So irreverent.

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But there are plenty of people who think he's got a point.

33. "Gotta go fast."

That's right, how're we gonna watch the 'Sonic' movie if we're fighting a war. That's the real question.

34. I legit thought this was Drake at first.

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And after looking at it a second time...I still think it's Drake.

35. "Yo, this fire is WILD!"

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Can't wait to see TikToks with trap music in the background bumping as bombs are going off.

36. A bold strategy.

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Just gonna go renounce citizenship first.

37. Underrated scene in an equally underrated movie.

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A foolproof fake if you ask me. Maybe use colored pencil instead of crayon next time though.

38. "Ahh man wish I could fight, but you know, gotta do what's best for the baby."

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I like that he/she is hiding behind a tree, too.

39. For real though...

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...let's hope this isn't an Archduke Franz Ferdinand type situation. I mean, it's only been about one hundred and five years or so since a single assassination led to a World War.

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