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15 Restaurant Servers Share the Worst Dates They've Ever Witnessed


If you work in the restaurant industry, chances are you've seen your fair share of disastrous dates. This AskReddit thread is full of them. From douchey guys to overbearing mothers sitting at the next table (yes, really), this list has every horrible date scenario you can imagine, and probably also some you can't. 

Source: iStock Photo

Starting off with a bang. CaptainWisconsin was a bartender at a high-end steak restaurant when he saw a first date go quickly down the drain. A woman walked in and got a drink at the bar. Shortly after, a man came in carrying a large bag. It was clear this was their first date. They introduced themselves, sat down to dinner, and started a painfully awkward conversation. "Their conversation was lurching...when he reached into the bag and pulled out an album containing...his Pokemon card collection." He described each and every card in detail until she faked an emergency and left.