15 Horror Stories About Terrible Teachers From the Students Who Survived Them



Teachers can change your life for better or worse. And as memorable as some wonderful teachers are, it's the really bad ones that you probably remember most. Twitter user @WITHERDBONNIEZ asked people to share stories about their worst teachers, and the internet delivered. All of these are straight-up appalling. 

I've had my fair share of bad teachers. I had one Hebrew school teacher who used to make us bring snacks into class to share, put them on her desk, and then not let us get up to get any and would spend the whole class eating them herself. But that doesn't even compare to the monsters you're about to meet. 

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Oh no. This is terrible on so many levels. The I couldn't fathom losing a parent that young, let alone having to go to school afterward and pretend that everything's normal. And then to have a teacher, an adult, someone who's supposed to know better say something like that? I hope the other kids in the class reported that teacher to the principal immediately. 

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First of all, it's terrible that kids were given the option at all. When you're that little, of course you're going to want to ride the fancy bus and of course you're going to feel humiliated with you can't. Then freakin' Ms. McDonald goes and asks a student if they can afford it in front of the whole class. Heartless!

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This is so funny to me. She literally made the lines smaller and then didn't change the answers on a test about...measuring the length of things. It's insane to watch teachers double down on their mistakes because they've been pointed out to them. I think we've all witnessed that at one point or another.

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This is horrifying. I hope this guy was reported and fired and never found a job teaching again. Rarely do horrible comments have as many disgusting layers as this one. It's like a crepe cake of grossness.

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Sometimes the best revenge is actual revenge, and I've never read a revenge story so sweet. I want to read that personal rejection, and then frame it and put it in a museum. This is just delicious. 

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First of all, a teacher of any gender keeping track of their students' periods is so not OK. Second of all, any grown man, especially a physical education teacher, who doesn't know how the menstrual cycle works does not deserve to be teaching children anything.

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First grade! First grade! Not that this behavior helps at any age level, but could you imagine being 6 years old and a teacher saying this to you? I'd be like, "Excuse me, I'm 6. You should not be talking to anybody but especially me that way." That's exactly what I would say, as a 6-year-old.

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Even if this is what you actually believe, even if you actually believe people who die in bed are lazy and end up in Hell, why would you ever say that to a small child who is telling you how their parent died? Can you imagine being told your dead parent is in hell at that age? It would mess you up, man!

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Um, this kind of threat is totally unacceptable. You're a teacher of small children! Some of them are going to cry sometimes. It is part of your job to handle that correctly. And this... this threat of humiliation definitely isn't the correct way to handle it. Clearly these things stay with people!

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These kids were probably 5 years old at the time. There's no world in which what they were doing should have been seen in romantic terms, especially by a teacher! And then to purposely ostracize a kid because of it... She should have been fired for that.

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When teachers become obsessed with school ratings and statistics, it harms kids, and that's exactly what happened here. That preoccupation with reputation is so toxic and should never be the priority. Hello, school is about teaching kids, even — especially — those who are struggling. 

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This is maybe the most badass thing I've ever read. Three cheers for mom seeing through the teacher's crap and standing up for her smart little daughter.

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Um, this is straight-up child abuse. Honestly, I'm seeing shades of Miss Trunchbull and The Chokey from Matilda. In a follow-up tweet, she says that her mom did report it at the time. Hopefully she was prevented from being around children ever again!

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Sounds like this teacher had a real stick up her butt about cheerleaders, probably stemming from her own inability to make the team when she was in school. Newsflash, lady: Cheerleaders can be super smart. Maybe you couldn't be both, but other people most certainly can.

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Teachers handling conflict between students in exactly the wrong way makes my blood boil every time. This is transparent victim-blaming, and it's awful. 

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